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General Inspector Knowledge Base

FAQ: Does Liongard Auto-Discover all System Inspectors?

FAQ: How many Endpoint Inspectors do I have?

FAQ: Does Liongard have deduplication logic?

Troubleshooting Inspector Failures

FAQ: How can I see Inspector logs?

Bulk Scheduling Inspectors for Distributed Start Times

If I purchased software through my RMM vendor, can I inspect that software through my RMM?

Why does my Parent Inspector have fewer/different Data Views/data than my Child Inspector?

What happens if I delete a Parent Inspector?

Active Directory Inspector Knowledge Base

Active Directory Privileged Users and Groups

FAQ: What are Active Directory's Trim Levels?

FAQ: How is the "Security Score" for Users Constructed?

FAQ: How are the "User Activity" and "Computer Activity" values determined?

FAQ: How are group changes over the last 24 hours determined?

FAQ: Can I exclude users from User-Related Active Directory Actionable Alerts?

FAQ: How are Brute Force Actionable Alerts generated?

FAQ: What is a Detached Group Policy?

FAQ: Where is the Domain Account Policy data pulled from on the Overview Page?

FAQ: Why does my Active Directory Inspector return blank DHCP data?

Azure Active Directory Inspector

Microsoft Intune for Azure Active Directory Inspector

Azure Inspector

FAQ: Some of our clients do not have an Azure subscription. Should I purchase additional Azure subscriptions to leverage the Liongard Azure Inspector?

My Azure Inspector appears to be set up correctly, but it is failing to complete.

Google Cloud Services Inspectors

Troubleshooting Google Cloud Services Inspectors

Internet Domain/DNS Inspector

Troubleshooting Domain Inspector Failures

Microsoft 365

FAQ: What MFA information does the Microsoft 365 Inspector return?

FAQ: What is considered to be a "Privileged User" in Liongard's M365 Data?

FAQ: Why has my Microsoft 365 Inspector stopped returning user/groups/sites details?

FAQ: Why doesn't my Liongard mailbox usage data always match my M365 mailbox usage data?

FAQ: How do Microsoft Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP) impact Liongard?

Synology NAS

Synology NAS Inspector times out while trying to connect.

SQL Inspector

Troubleshooting Common SQL Server Inspector Issues

TLS/SSL Inspector

Troubleshooting TLS/SSL Certificate Inspector Failures

Veeam Inspectors

Veeam Inspectors KB

VMware vCenter inspector

VMware vCenter authentication required error

Webroot Inspector

Creating User Exclusions in Metrics with the Webroot Inspector

Duplicate Endpoint Discoveries

Windows Inspector

Remote Mode Errors

Troubleshooting WinRM Setup Issues

"Minimum of PowerShell 3.0 is required on local Agent for remote Windows Inspection"

"Remote FQDN matches same FQDN as this agent. Check to see if an existing Launchpoint is already inspecting the agent machine locally. If yes, feel free to archive this Launchpoint."

"Access denied. Are permissions correct?"

"Unable to connect to remote host . Check network host is alive and PSRemoting is enabled. Also check remote WinRM settings."

"Remote execution policy of does not permit running scripts."

"Remote Host Does Not Have SMB Port 445 Inbound Open"