This document provides the steps required to configure the HaloPSA Inspector.


Quick Details

Recommended Agent: On-Demand
Supported Agents: On-Demand or Self-Managed
Is Auto-Discovered By: Configuring the HaloPSA Platform Integration
Can Auto-Discover: Internet Domain/DNS Inspectors
Parent/Child Type Inspector: No
Inspection via: API
Data Summary: Here

Inspector Setup Preparation


HaloPSA Inspector

The HaloPSA Inspector will be auto-discovered and auto-activated upon setting up the HaloPSA Integration. You should not have to manually deploy a HaloPSA Inspector. For more information, please review our HaloPSA Integration documentation.

In order to set up this Inspector, please review and complete the first three steps in our HaloPSA Integration Documentation:

  1. Create an API account in HaloPSA for Liongard to use.
  2. Set up Liongard to integrate with HaloPSA using your API account.
  3. Import and map/link your HaloPSA Accounts to Liongard Environments.

Auto-Discovery: Internet Domain/DNS Inspector

The HaloPSA Inspector Auto-Discovers Internet Domain/DNS Inspectors.

To set up an Auto-Discovered Internet Domain/DNS Inspector, please see our Internet Domain/DNS Inspector Documentation.

HaloPSA Quick Tips/FAQs

Inspector FAQs