Overview of the Liongard Platform

An introduction to Liongard for Service Technicians, Account Managers, and Professional Services team members

Liongard gives MSPs an operational advantage that delivers both higher profits and an exceptional customer experience. Our Deep Data Platform™ unlocks the intelligence hidden deep within IT systems by transforming messy, hard-to-reach data into a unified, actionable source of intelligence. With unified visibility, MSPs always run in a known state, proactively detect changes to stay one step ahead and automate mundane tasks so they can focus on revenue-generating activities.

MSPs can automatically inspect any customer environment from cloud to endpoint, transform configuration state data buried deep in IT systems into a unified data set that’s structured, query-able, actionable and audit-ready. Next-level automation and workflows detect changes, provide recommendations to get to the root cause faster, and create a time series record that serves as a safety net for the business. The result? Our MSP partners are a hero to their customers while freeing up their team’s time to spend less time firefighting and more time delivering value.

Getting Started

If you're setting up Liongard for the first time, head over to Getting Started with Liongard. If someone on your team has already set up Liongard, contact your administrator for your Liongard URL and login details.

Then, take our "Introduction to Liongard" course in Liongard Academy to gain a quick understanding of the Liongard platform.

Visit the Troubleshooting Login if you're having trouble logging in.

Learn More

Check out our Use Cases to see how to leverage Liongard to standardize, secure, and scale your business!

Also, be sure to check out our Educational Resources at Liongard Academy! and catch us in one of our weekly Continuing Education Webinars.

We recommend reviewing our Team Training documentation for role-specific suggestions

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