Overview of the Liongard Platform

An introduction to Liongard for Service Technicians, Account Managers, and Professional Services team members

Liongard is an automation platform that provides Managed Service Providers with unified visibility across the stack, empowering them to standardize processes, secure systems, and scale.

By automating the capture of critical configuration state data for the systems you’re managing for customers, Liongard ensures your documentation is always accurate and reliable. When changes occur, they can be recorded, annotated, and for those, that matter most, raised as alerts to your email and/or ticketing system.

With Liongard, you can extend your visibility beyond your RMM to answer important questions and quickly troubleshoot issues across the stack.


Introduction to Liongard

Found in Liongard Academy, "What is Liongard?: An Introduction" is a short course that helps new Liongard users quickly understand the Liongard platform.

How do we do it?

Liongard delivers unified visibility through:

  • Automated documentation that gathers and standardizes the way your systems’ data is stored
  • Actionable Alerts that let you know when something needs your attention
  • Reporting that goes across customers for a more holistic view of your business

Getting Started

If you're setting up Liongard for the first time, head over to Getting Started with Liongard.

If someone on your team has already set up Liongard, contact your administrator for your Liongard URL and login details.

Visit the Troubleshooting Login if you're having trouble logging in.

Learn More

Check out our Use Cases to see how to leverage Liongard to standardize, secure, and scale your business!

Also be sure to check out our Educational Resources at Liongard Academy!

Here you will find a map of Liongard Support and Continuing Education:

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