Preview System Inspectors

Preview System Inspectors are System Inspectors that are currently in development. While in development, they can still bring valuable data back to your team.

You must opt-in to Preview System Inspectors on your Liongard Dashboard. These Inspectors can be found under Admin > Inspectors on the left side bar under “Preview (Beta)."


Also, in the Admin > Inspectors screen on the left side bar you can find our “Labs (Alpha)” Inspectors. Labs Inspectors are very early stage Inspectors that we provide for early testing by our most adventurous partners. They may be safely deployed but are provided only for the purpose of providing feedback to our Product and Development teams. They may not function on all versions of the target system. You must also opt in to see these Inspectors.

If an Inspector is in Preview/Labs, its data will not usually be pushed to IT Glue/ConnectWise.

If you have ideas about System Inspectors you would like to see in the future and/or requests for updates to existing Preview System Inspectors, please add them to our Idea Portal.

Please note that although we may provide support at a best-effort level for our Preview System Inspectors, they are not officially supported until they are moved into our Production category.