IT Glue

Let's start automating your documentation with Liongard's IT Glue integration.



PSA & IT Glue Integration

If you have a supported PSA, we recommend reviewing our Liongard Integration Best Practices documentation before importing any organizations from IT Glue.


IT Glue Enterprise

Liongard's Integration requires IT Glue Enterprise.

Our IT Glue integration allows you to:

  • Import your IT Glue Organizations to create Liongard Environments
  • Push Liongard's data into IT Glue Flexible Assets

What data gets pushed to IT Glue?

You have control over the data that gets pushed into IT Glue in two ways: by Environment and by Flexible Asset type. Data will not get pushed over to IT Glue until you turn on Liongard's Auto-Updating.

Where does Liongard's data land in IT Glue?

Liongard's data is populated into new Flexible Asset types. All of Liongard's Flexible Assets types end in "(auto)".

To easily locate Liongard’s Flexible Assets in IT Glue, we suggest customizing your sidebar to include Liongard's Flexible Assets. When you have done that, you can find Liongard's Flexible Assets by selecting an Organization > In your left sidebar, look for Flexible Assets that end in "(auto)"

  • Best Practice: Create a Section in your sidebar called "Liongard" for all of Liongard's Flexible Assets

You can Relate Liongard's Flexible Assets with your existing Flexible Assets, Core Assets, or Configurations.

When does Liongard's data get pushed to IT Glue?

Liongard's data gets pushed to IT Glue each time an Inspector runs.

Roll Out Liongard's IT Glue Integration


Liongard Academy: Integrate IT Glue and Liongard Course

In addition to our setup documentation, take our Integrate IT Glue and Liongard guided walkthrough in Liongard Academy.

  1. Generate an IT Glue API Key for Liongard
  2. Go through the step by step guide to Configure the IT Glue Integration
  3. Turn on Liongard's IT Glue Flexible Asset Auto-Updating