Actionable Alerts

Make Liongard's data actionable with Actionable Alerts


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Actionable Alerts make Liongard's data actionable and help MSPs standardize and secure their customer service.

Actionable Alerts are automated, customized alerts notifying teams about critical changes and updates, across their customers and systems, when they need to know about them and how they want to be notified.

Liongard's automated alerts can be sent to your ticketing system, email(s), or Microsoft Teams channels.

Liongard's Actionable Alerts give MSPs the power to:

  • Scope alerts to fit their MSP's complexities and use automation to save costs
  • Reduce risk for critical systems with security-focused rules monitored daily
  • Differentiate their MSP with alerts that support their unique value proposition

What can Actionable Alerts do for your team?

By using Liongard's Actionable Alerts, your team can set the standard of service for your clients. Proactive alerts allow your team to mitigate human error and reach maximum efficiency.

Liongard will generate tickets on critical issues your team needs to know about, and it will keep them updated every day!

  • If your team forgets to close a ticket, Liongard will close it for you.
  • If your team closes a ticket that wasn't addressed, Liongard will reopen that same ticket.

Actionable Alert Resources

Liongard Alert Rules and CIS Controls

Liongard's Actionable Alert rules can help MSPs support CIS Controls across their customer-based. The following resource matches Liongard's Actionable Alert rules to a purpose/category and CIS control(s). Review the resource here.