Set up Billing for Liongard


The following document outlines the steps to set up billing for Liongard.

Liongard billing must be set up in ConnectBooster.

The link to ConnectBooster can also be found in Liongard by clicking your name, then Company Settings

Add a Payment Method for Liongard

Step 1: Clear Cache and Cookies

Before adding a payment method in ConnectBooster, you must clear your browser's cache and cookies. To do so, please click the applicable link below:

Step 2: Add a New Payment Method

  1. Log in to ConnectBooster.
  2. Click "NEW" to enter a Credit Card, or another supported form of payment.
  • Note: Clicking "EDIT" will require a re-entry of ALL payment information, regardless of type.

Step 3: Select Payment Type

  1. Click Credit Card or Bank Account (ACH) for the desired payment type
  2. Click "Next"
  1. Complete all fields:
  • Note: Friendly Name should be the title of the payment within ConnectBooster (i.e. "Bob's Primary Card", "Mary's Business Visa")

Credit Card

ACH Form

  1. After completing and validating all fields, click "Next"
  2. Fill in the address information, if required.
  • Note: International partners must leave the address information blank. If you are an international partner, only provide an email address.
  1. After completing and validating all fields, click "Next"

Step 4: Authorize Payment Method

  1. Select the checkmark to authorize the addition of the payment method to your account.
  • Note: Clicking "Submit" does NOT process a transaction.
  1. Once the payment method is submitted, you should see a confirmation message.

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