Set up Billing for Liongard


The following document outlines the steps to set up billing for Liongard.


Browser Cache and Cookies

Before adding a Payment method, you must clear your browser's cache and cookies. For instructions on doing so, click the applicable link below:

Safari: iPhone, iPad, iTouch
Safari: Mac
Internet Explorer

Add a Payment Method for Liongard

Step 1.

  • Clicking on "NEW" will allow entry of a Credit Card, or other supported form of payment.
  • Clicking on "EDIT" will require re-entry of ALL payment information (regardless of type).

Step 2.

  • Click or tap to toggle between the Credit Card or ACH (Bank Account) options, and then proceed with "Next".

Step 3.

  • The "Friendly Name" is simply the title of the payment information for easy recognition used by the portal.
    • Ex. "Bob's Primary Card", "Mary's Business Visa"
    • Be sure to click "Next" when all the fields are valid.

Step 4.

  • Fill in the address information if required.
    **Note: International partners must leave address information blank. Only provide email address.

Step 5.

  • Check-mark the box to authorize the addition of the payment method to your account.
    Note: Clicking "Submit" does NOT process a transaction!

Step 6.

  • Once submitted, you should see a success confirmation that the payment method was added.

ACH Form

  • Friendly Name: the title of the payment method inside the billing portal

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