Microsoft Teams


Get alerts to land where your team lives with Liongard's Microsoft Teams Integration.

  • Map Alert Templates to Teams Channels
  • Send cards with summary information, quickly link back to Liongard's Alert or PSA ticket
  • Add Liongard as a tab in Teams to grab quick insights.

Liongard's Microsoft Teams Integration lets you keep the conversation flowing easily access Liongard data, and shorten time to resolution.

Deploy Liongard's Microsoft Teams Integration

  1. Create a Webhook URL from Teams for Liongard.
  2. Add your Webhook URL to Liongard
  3. Send Alerts to Microsoft Teams

View Liongard in Microsoft Teams

Creating a Liongard tab in Microsoft Teams is easy! Just add your Liongard URL as a tab in your Channel(s). For example, "https:// YOUR"

For more information, please review Microsoft's documentation.