Using Liongard for QBRs


Generating Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) is a tedious process, especially building the Technical Review section. Liongard's Metrics and Reports can make this process seamless.

Follow the steps below to learn more!

Step 1: Identify Metrics

Identify the Metrics you want to include in your Quarterly Business Review:

  • Consider Metrics that are critical to your customer. For example, license counts and expirations are important to every customer and should be the first Metrics identified to include in your QBR.
  • Consider Metrics that support your unique value proposition. For example, if you offer data center services for your clients, you will want to include any associated Metrics, like Microsoft Azure data points.
  • Consider any additional issues that may need to be addressed and/or surfaced. You will likely need to rely on past experience, recalling those questions that caught you off guard so that those Metrics can be included as well. For example, if you have had issues with consistent backup failures, you would most certainly want to highlight your Veeam or Datto BCDR Metrics.

Step 2: Create a QBR Reports Template

Create a Reports Template that includes Metrics for ALL of your customer base.

This will be the base template you use to create specific QBR reports.

Step 3: Clone the QBR Reports Template for Unique Needs

There may be certain customers who require different Metrics to be discussed in their QBRs.

To accommodate these changes, clone your Reports Template and add/remove any Metrics that are necessary for specific customers.

Any customer that has unique Metrics needs should get a unique QBR reports template.

Step 4: Generate Reports

Generate Reports!

Once your QBR templates are created, your Account Management team should be able to generate the technical review portion of your Quarterly Business Reviews with ease, reliability, and confidence!

Liongard Template for additional QBR needs

Liongard has created a sample QBR template for the portions of your QBR that fall outside of the Techinical Review portion that you will complete in Liongard. That resource can be downloaded here.


Share Liongard With Your End Customers

Users with the Global Administrator or User Administrator roles can create a read-only user for one or many Environments inside Liongard.

Creating a read-only user for a specific Environment is a great way to allow your end customer to log in to Liongard and access reporting and Liongard's dashboards on their own time.

Follow this KB article to learn more!