Release Notes Through 2024-01-11


macOS Security Data Added to the Cyber Insurance Assessment Report Template

We've expanded the coverage of our Cyber Insurance Assessment report template to now include information on macOS workstations, providing even greater visibility into the state of your macOS workstations when filing out cyber insurance applications.

Newly included macOS Details:

  • File Vault Encryption Status
  • Remote Login Status
  • Remote Management Status
  • Antivirus On System
  • List of Applications
  • Firewall Enabled Status

You can find the Cyber Insurance Assessment report template by navigating to Reports>Templates. For more details on Liongard's Cyber Insurance Assessment, please visit our documentation.

Cyber Risk Dashboard Now Includes macOS Data Tiles

New macOS tiles have been added to the Cyber Risk Dashboard's Endpoint Security Section to provide insights into:

  • Total number of macOS workstations in an Environment
  • The percentage of workstations with firewall settings enabled
  • The percentage of macOS workstations that have RDP enabled

These insights will help partners stay on top of their macOS workstations' security posture and ensure they abide by security best practices by easily tracking their total number of macOS workstations and the percentage of them with Firewall and RDP settings enabled.

While these tiles are hidden by default, partners can easily enable them and customize this and all sections of this dashboard by clicking on the Tiles menu drop-down in the upper-right corner of each section.

New Cybersecurity Default Change Detections

We’ve enabled a new set of Change Detection Metrics to let partners stay on top of changes happening in their end-customer environment. These Change Detections help inform partners when key cybersecurity configuration changes occur, enabling faster assessment and response to ensure that the identified change was valid or take the necessary steps to remediate.

No partner action is needed, as these Change Detections are now enabled in all Liongard instances and will be displayed in your platform as of this release. Below is a list of these newly enabled default Change Detections:

New Default Change Detections
Windows Server: Antivirus on System

Windows Workstation: Is RDP Enabled?

Windows Workstation: Domain Firewall Enabled

Windows Workstation: Public Firewall Enabled

Windows Workstation: Private Firewall Enabled

Windows Workstation: List of Installed Software

Windows Workstation: Bitlocker Status

Windows: Software List

Windows Server: RDP Allowed

Windows Server: Bitlocker Status

Windows Server: Antivirus On Server

Internet Domain/DNS: DNS MX Record List

Internet Domain/DNS: DNS A Record Summary

Internet Domain/DNS: Primary Domain Name

Internet Domain/DNS: List of Subdomains

Office 365: Domains List

Microsoft 365: List of Users Without MFA Enabled

Microsoft 365: Defender Policies And Their Statuses

Datto BCDR: Devices with Cloud Storage

Datto BCDR: Datto Backups Older Than One Month

Datto BCDR: Active Agent Backups Without Verification

Acronis Cyber Cloud: List of Machines with Backup Enabled

Acronis Cyber Cloud: List of Machines without Backup Enabled

Acronis Cyber Cloud: List of Machines NOT Successfully Backed Up In Last 30 days (copy)

Acronis Cyber Cloud: List of Machines Successfully Backed Up In Last 30 days

Solarwinds Backup: List of Protected Servers

N-able Backup: Servers With No Backup in 30 Days Or More

StorageCraft SPX: Last Successful Backup

Cisco Meraki: L3 Policy Summary

Fortinet FortiGate: Firewall Policy Summary

SonicWall: List of Access Rules

SonicWall: List of NAT Policies

WatchGuard: Dynamic NAT Summary

WatchGuard: Access Rule Summary

New Agent Version

Liongard has released version 4.2.5 of its endpoint Agent, featuring significant improvements to the reliability and security of the Agent.


Agent self-cleanup: We’ve improved how the agent handles cleaning up files that it no longer uses, leading to less disk space being consumed over a long period.

Bug Fixes

Resolved macOS Agent Installer issue: The 4.2.5 macOS Agent installer is now correctly recognized as a signed and notarized installer by Apple.

Resolved macOS Agent Auto-Updating: Resolved an issue that prevented the auto-updating service from functioning properly.

Resolved macOS Agent Certificate issues: Resolved an issue causing inspection failures due to local certificate issues.

Security Enhancements:

Security Patch Updates: Applied the latest security patches to fortify the Agent against vulnerabilities on macOS and Windows platforms.

Improved Liongard Agent Signing: Fixed an issue causing some files not to be properly signed.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

Platform and Feature Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Columns showing the Issuer Organization Name and when the certificate has been valid since added to the Cyber Security Dashboard TLS/SSL on Domain and Expiring TLS/SSL Certificate drill-down tables
  • Resolved an issue that could cause a "Failed to retrieve metrics" error when opening an environment's overview page
  • Resolved an issue where a user account could not be deleted if the user had saved any UI preferences for the Cyber Risk Dashboard
  • Resolved an issue on the Timeline page that prevented the display of metric values for any timeline entry other than the latest entry
  • Newly added Cyber Risk Dashboard tiles by Liongard within the last 30 days are now highlighted
  • Made improvements to the loading times of the Single Environment Dashboard page's counts for Systems, Change Detections, and Total Open Alerts
  • Inspector Names in the Cyber Risk Dashboard drill-down are now hyperlinked and redirects to their associated system details page
  • Fixed error that resulted from deletion of the first section of a newly created report template
  • Fixed a bug causing our chat feature to disappear
  • Adding the ability to refresh tiles that were initially unable to load data

Inspector and API Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • API
    • Improved in-app performance of agent heartbeats
    • Improved performance for the /metrics/evaluate API v2 endpoint.
  • Cloudflare
    • Resolved CloudFlare 403 error for "Cloudflare - Feedwire License" Inspector metric, addressing permission issues within the target system
  • Domain Inspector
    • Improved the Domain Inspector's stability and enhanced logs by transitioning to use the HTTPS API for DNS data queries exclusively
  • Hyper-V
    • Fixed an issue causing some Hyper-V inspectors to fail with 404 errors
  • macOS
    • Resolved an issue causing macOS Inspectors to fail with an error
    • Improved the reliability of the macOS Inspector with VPN services
  • SonicWall
    • Resolved an issue preventing partners from changing an existing launch point's assigned Agent
  • Windows Server
    • Fixed an issue preventing network test data from appearing in the Windows Workstation Inspector

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