Create a Liongard API Account in Autotask

This document provides detailed instructions on setting up an API-only user account for Liongard within your Autotask instance.

We will start by creating an API-only user in your Autotask instance that Liongard will use to connect to Autotask.

Create a Liongard API Account in Autotask

  1. Log in to your Autotask Instance.
  2. Click on the Autotask menu at the top left of the Autotask interface. Then, click Admin > Resources (Users)

  1. Then, click the drop down button next to + New button in the top lefthand corner and select New API User.

  1. Fill in the following information in the resulting pop-out:

General section:

  • First Name: Liongard
  • Last Name: Bot
  • Email: Your email address or that of an appropriate service address.
  • Security Level: Select API User (system)
  • The remaining fields can be left as defaults or filled out as you like.

Credentials section:

  • Click the links to generate your Username (Key) and Password (Secret).
  • Copy and save the Username (Key) and Password (Secret) as it is needed for the integration in Liongard.

API Tracking Identifier section:

  • In the Integration Vendor field, select Liongard - Documentation

Click Save & Close

  1. Verify that the new user appears in your list of Autotask users.


Next Step

Integrate Autotask with Liongard