Google Cloud Services Inspector KB and FAQs

Troubleshooting Google Cloud Services Inspectors

Error Message: "Client is unauthorized to retrieve access tokens using this method, or client not authorized for any of the scopes requested."

  • Potential Cause/Resolution: This error generally indicates that your client (application) isn't sufficiently authorized to perform some action in Google Cloud Platform.
  • Check the following:
    • Check that "Domain-wide delegation" is enabled for your service account in the Google Cloud Platform console. This is included under Step #9 in the GCP portion of the setup process. For more information, reference this article from Google Cloud Platform's developer documentation
    • Check that the scopes included in this document are properly entered in the G Suite Admin Console and that those scopes are associated with the Client ID of the service account you created. This is included under Step #4 in the G Suite portion of the setup process.
    • Ensure that the "Service Account Token Creator" and "Service Account User" IAM roles are assigned to your service account.