Create a Liongard API Account in HaloPSA

This document provides detailed instructions on setting up an API key for Liongard within your HaloPSA instance.

Liongard uses a HaloPSA Client ID and Secret to connect to HaloPSA.

Creating HaloPSA credentials

Step 1: Create a Liongard Agent

  1. Log in to your HaloPSA Instance
  2. In the bottom, left menu, click Configurations > Teams & Agents > Agents
  1. Create a new user by selecting New in the top-right section of the page. Alternatively, you can edit an existing user with the required permissions.
  1. Complete the required fields based on your company's workflows and hit Save.
  1. Once you hit Save, new tabs should appear. Click Edit and select the Permissions tab.
  1. The following permissions are required for the integration:
  • Feature Access
    • Tickets Access Level: Read and Modify
    • Customers Access Level: Read Only
  • Tickets Permissions
    • Can add new Tickets: Yes
    • Can edit closed Tickets: Yes
    • Can edit Advanced Ticket Details: Yes
    • Editing of Actions: Can Edit Own Actions Only
  1. Next, select the Departments & Teams tab and select Add under the Teams section.
  1. Select the Team(s) you would like Liongard to have access to send tickets to and select Save.
  1. You should see a list of the Teams you selected appear. Select Save at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Create an Application

  1. In the bottom, left menu, click Configurations > Integrations > HaloPSA API
  1. You will want to document the following information as you will need this for connecting Liongard to HaloPSA:
  • Resource Server
  • Authorisation Server
  • Tenant

After you have documented these details, click View Applications

  1. Create a new Application by clicking New in the top right-hand corner.
  1. The following fields need to be filled out:
  • Application Name: Liongard
  • Authentication Method: Client ID and Secret (Services)
  • Login Type: Agent
  • Agent to login in as: Use the Agent created in Step 1

Make sure to record your Client ID and Client Secret as they will be needed for connecting Liongard to HaloPSA. Once you are finished, navigate to the Permissions tab.

  1. The following permissions are required at the Application level:
  • read:tickets
  • edit:tickets
  • read:customers

Once you add these permissions, click Save at the top to finish creating the Application.



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