Integrate Syncro with Liongard

Learn how to integrate Liongard with Syncro.

Our platform integration to Syncro allows our MSP partners to:

  1. Import Syncro Customers to Liongard Environments
  2. Map any existing Liongard Environments to Syncro Customers


Syncro API Restrictions

If you have enabled any API access restrictions, please ensure you are allowlisting Liongard's Application IP address in order to ensure that your Integration and Inspector are working properly as detailed in this support article.

Integrate Liongard with Syncro

Step 1: Enter API Credentials & Details


API Key Creation

If you have not created an API Key in Syncro yet, start with Create a Liongard API Account in Syncro.

  1. In Liongard, navigate to Admin > Integrations > Syncro
  2. Enter the following information:
  • Subdomain: Enter the Subdomain of your Instance URL
  • API Key: Enter the API Key
  1. Click Test Connection to validate your entry. Then, click Save to finalize the connection.

Step 2: Select Filter Options

  1. Next, navigate to the Import & Mapping page.
  2. Click into the Select Filters tab. Here, select if you want to include archived customers from Syncro for the customers you want to bring into Liongard.

This is especially valuable in Syncro instances that have many customers, but only a small subset of those are active managed services customers.

  1. Select Save when you are done


Next Step

Proceed to import new companies into Liongard or connect existing Liongard Environments to your Syncro Customers:

Import & Map Accounts from Syncro