Azure Active Directory Inspector KB and FAQs

Microsoft Intune for Azure Active Directory Inspector

By default, the Azure Active Directory Inspector will not attempt to retrieve Microsoft Intune-specific data for a given directory via Microsoft's Graph API. If your tenant includes an active Microsoft Intune license, you can enable the "Enable Microsoft Intune" toggle on the Inspector's configuration page to retrieve Intune-specific data.

Troubleshooting Azure Active Directory Setup Issues

Call for Intune-specific Endpoint Failed with HTTP 400

If this tenant lacks an active Intune license or you otherwise wish not to fetch Intune data, please disable the Microsoft Intune toggle in the Inspector configuration template. Then, rerun the inspection.

To disable the Microsoft Intune toggle:
Navigate to Admin > Inspectors > Azure Active Directory

  1. Click the three dots button next to the affected System Inspector and click Edit to edit the System Inspector configuration template.
  1. Locate the toggle labeled Enable Microsoft Intune and click to disable the toggle.
  1. Finally, rerun the affected System Inspector or wait until the next scheduled inspection. Upon the next run, the Inspector will not attempt to fetch Microsoft Intune data.