Integrate ServiceNow with Liongard

Learn how to integrate Liongard with ServiceNow.


ServiceNow Beta Integration

We're excited to open up this Beta integration to all partners! We encourage partners using ServiceNow to leverage this integration as a faster way to add and manage their companies in Liongard.

We're actively seeking feedback from our partners for how we can improve this integration. Please book a time with our Product Team here if you are interested in participating.

Our platform integration to ServiceNow allows our MSP partners to:

  1. Import ServiceNow Accounts to Liongard Environments
  2. Map any existing Liongard Environments to ServiceNow Accounts

Step 1: Integrate Liongard with ServiceNow

In Liongard, navigate to Admin > Integrations > ServiceNow

Enter the following information:

  1. Username: Enter the user name of the recently created user in ServiceNow.
  2. Password: Enter the user's password.
  3. Fill in your Instance url.
  4. Client ID: Enter the Client ID of the OAuth created in ServiceNow.
  5. Password: Enter the Secret of the OAuth created in ServiceNow.
  6. Click Test Connection
  7. Click Next

Step 2: Select Filter Options

Next, navigate to the Import & Mapping page. Click into the Select Filters tab. Here, select the Domains(if applicable), Status and Type for the companies you want to bring into Liongard.

  1. Select the company Status and Types to present as options for import or mapping into Liongard
  2. Click SAVE

Next Step

Proceed to import new companies into Liongard or connect existing Liongard Environments to your ServiceNow companies.

Import & Map Accounts from ServiceNow