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How Liongard Supports the NIST Framework and CIS Controls

The NIST Framework and Liongard

For each of the five NIST Framework functions, there are categories that name specific challenges or tasks that teams must carry out. For instance, in order for an MSP to "Protect" (a NIST function) their systems, they must implement software updates, install antivirus and antimalware programs, and have access control policies in place.​​
Liongard can help MSP teams with several categories:


Identify: Asset Management

MSPs need to know what is out there on their clients' networks. Liongard provides users with a complete inventory of physical devices, systems, software platforms, and applications within the organization​ through our various Inspectors.

For more information on the data our System Inspectors return, review our System Inspector Summary documentation and review our Inspector Setup documentation:

Identify: Risk Assessment

From a risk standpoint, Liongard's Custom Actionable Alerts will help MSPs identify the gaps in the systems they are managing. For instance, users can create custom, automated Actionable Alerts to notify them when any system is not properly configured to their standards.

Protect: Access Control

Through Liongard's rich inspections and Reporting capabilities, users can track identities and credentials to ensure they are ​managed and audited for authorized​ devices, users & processes.
Inspector Setup Documentation:

Protect: Data Security

Through Liongard's firewall Inspectors, Liongard users can ensure integrity when checking mechanisms are ​used to verify software, firmware,​ and information integrity​.

Protect: Maintenance

Using Liongard's Change Detections users can document maintenance and repair of organizational assets with approved and controlled tools​.

Protect: Protective Technology

With Liongard's daily system and change audits, including our historical timeline, Liongard users can ensure that audit/log records are documented in accordance with their policy​.

Detect: Anomalies & Events

Out-of-the-box, Liongard's Actionable Alert Rules for unauthorized users, brute force attempts, suspicious logins​, and more help Liongard users ensure that event data is collected and that incident alert thresholds are established​.

Detect: Security Continuous Monitoring

Liongard users can use Liongard's prewritten Actionable Alerts to configure standards, and Liongard's Custom Actionable Alerts give users the ability to alert on anything daily​. This ensures that network and personnel activity is monitored to detect potential cybersecurity events​

Detect: Detection Processes

Liongard's daily audits and Change Detections surface anomalies and events in Liongard​ and via tickets​, through our Actionable Alerts, in users' PSA or email.

This ensures that event detection information is communicated​ across the MSP's organization.

Respond: Communications

Liongard's customizable, detailed Actionable Alert information helps technicians focus in on the issue at hand, and they ensure that incidents are reported, consistent with the established criteria​.

Recover: Recover Planning

Liongard's historical data, allows users to rebuild configurations after issues arise. This historical data can help support executing any recovery plan after a cybersecurity incident​.

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