This document provides the steps required to configure the GoDaddy Inspector.


Quick Details

Recommended Agent: On-Demand
Supported Agents: On-Demand or Self-Managed
Is Auto-Discovered By: N/A
Can Auto-Discover: Internet Domain/DNS
Parent/Child Type Inspector: No
Inspection via: API
Data Summary: Here

Inspector Setup Preparation

Log into the GoDaddy console

Create an API Key

Navigate to

Click on the API Keys box.

Click on the Create New API Key button.

Fill out the Name for the API Key and select "Production".

Click the Next button.

Copy the API Key and Secret show in the popup.

Liongard Inspector Setup

In Liongard, navigate to Admin > Inspectors > Inspector Types > Navigate to the GoDaddy Inspector > Select Add System.

Fill in the following information:

  • Environment: Select the Environment this System should be associated to
  • Friendly Name: Suggested "GoDaddy [Environment Name]"
  • Agent: Select On-Demand Agent or select the On-premises Agent installed for this Environment
  • Inspector Version: Latest
  • API Key: The API Key copied above
  • API Secret: The API Secret copied above
  • Scheduling: The Inspector will default to run once a day at the time the Inspector is set up. Here you can adjust the schedule