Best Practices for Using Liongard

Use this document as a guide to get the most out of Liongard!

Recommended Weekly Best Practices

Check Agent Status

Liongard's Agents check in with Liongard every few minutes. To ensure your Agents are working properly, check your Agents' status by navigating to Admin > Agents > Last Heartbeat column.

Review Failed Inspectors

To ensure all of your Inspectors are working properly, review your Inspectors' status to see if any may be failing and/or have setup issues. To do so, navigate to Admin > Inspectors > Failed and Setup Issue columns.

Review and implement any next steps to get your Inspectors up and running.

Review Discovered Systems

To ensure you are taking advantage of Liongard's automated documentation for all applicable systems, review your Discovered Systems by navigating to your Dashboard > Discovered Systems tab.

If you have any systems in a discovered state for which you would like to start collecting data, activate them. For any systems for which you would not like to start collecting data, archive them.

Recommended Monthly Best Practices

Attend our Monthly Feature Update Webinars and Review Release Notes

At the start of each month, Liongard ships updates to our partners' platforms. To ensure you are in the know with what is new in Liongard, take the following actions:

Import New Customers as Liongard Environments

As you take on new customers, be sure to import them as Environments in Liongard. For more information, review our Onboard a Customer Faster documentation.

Deploy any Newly Added Inspectors for your Environments

With each Release, new Inspectors become available in Liongard. Review our Release Notes to see which Inspectors move into Labs, Preview, and Production. Then, deploy them for your applicable Environments!

Set up any New Integrations your Team is Using

With each Release, comes new Integrations as well as updates to existing Integrations. Review our Release Notes to see any updates to our Integrations and/or any new integrations you would like to deploy.

Enable new Metrics you want to see in your Third-party Integrations/Across your Liongard Platform

Liongard's Metrics can be used with our third-party integrations as well as to get insight faster in Liongard.

On the Admin > Metrics screen, any Metrics added within the last 30 days will be highlighted in green. Review these Metrics and enable any applicable Metrics to "Display."

Use any New Metrics in Reports and Reports Templates

Any newly added Metrics can be used with Lionngard's Reports. Take advantage of any new Metrics by using them in Reports and Reports templates.

Enable new Actionable Alert Rules in your Templates for Automated Ticketing

Liongard's Actionable Alerts make Liongard's data actionable. On the Admin > Actionable Alerts screen, any rules added within the last 30 days will be highlighted in green. Review these Actionable Alert rules and enable any relevant rules in your active templates, applied to Environments.

Review New Courses in Liongard Academy

We are continuously adding new coursework to Liongard Academy, our resource and learning center for partners. Head to to continue taking advantage of Liongard and its unified visibility!

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