Integrate Liongard to your HaloPSA instance.


There are two Integrations available for HaloPSA.

The Liongard Integration allows you to:

  • Import your HaloPSA customers to create Liongard Environments
  • Send Actionable Alerts to HaloPSA as tickets

Completing this Integration will deploy a corresponding HaloPSA Parent Inspector in Liongard.

The HaloPSA Integration allows you to:

  • Import your Liongard Environments as Halo Customers
  • Import your Liongard Systems as Halo Assets
  • Sync Customers created in Halo back to Liongard upon creation

Steps for Rolling out Liongard's HaloPSA Integration

  1. Create an API account in HaloPSA for Liongard to use.
  2. Set up Liongard to integrate with HaloPSA using your API account.
  3. Import and map/link your HaloPSA customers to Liongard Environments.
  4. Send Tickets to HaloPSA

Steps for Rolling out HaloPSA's Liongard Integration

Please visit HaloPSA's Knowledge Base for details on how to set up this Integration.