Deep Sales Discovery

Here are the three inspectors we recommend using to gather information about prospective customers: Internet Domain & DNS, TLS/SSL Certificates, and Identity Monitoring.

Prepare for your initial visit with a prospective customer by reviewing the results of these inspections.

Here’s what to focus on:

1. Internet Domain Inspector

  • Find out when their business/brand was registered under the Internet Domain creation date field in Liongard.
  • Find our their Domain Registrar (Go Daddy, etc.) to be informed and speak to how your MSP has experience, if any, working with this registrar.
  • Determine if the domain is expiring soon. Nothing like saving a prospective customer from downtime!
  • Identify if an SPF record is in place to learn about approved email sending sources. If there is no SPF record, be prepared to chat on why this is important.
  • Go to DNS and review the A record to see where their website is hosted (far right column). Be prepared to talk about anything you see there, such as Rackspace, AWS, etc.
  • Under DNS, review the MX record to see where email is hosted. Be prepared to speak about the vendor you see there such as Microsoft 365, Google, etc.
  • Under DNS, review other subdomains discovered. Take time to review their website and these subdomains to be informed on your initial visit.


  • Find out if the certificate, if any, is expiring. Again, nothing like averting disaster for a prospective customer!

3. Identity Monitoring

  • Be prepared to discuss why security is important and how they can protect their staff from known breaches.