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Welcome! You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help MSPs start working with Liongard's Roar as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's go #MakeITRoar!

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Turn on ConnectWise Configuration Auto-Updating

Roar can create configurations in ConnectWise Manage with rich system details that will update daily.

Will Roar update my existing configurations?
No. Roar will create new configurations with a distinct naming convention System name (auto). After consulting the ConnectWise Manage team and our partners, we opted to create new configurations as opposed to editing existing content. Given the high degree of customization in ConnectWise Configurations, Roar will preserve your existing Configurations and push over distinct, automated configurations.

We recommend linking Roar configurations to your existing configurations.

Enabling ConnectWise Manage Configuration Auto-Updating

There are three steps to turning on the ConnectWise Configuration auto-updates:

  1. Turn on the global on/off switch
  2. Select the systems you want Roar to push over configuration data for
  3. Select the companies you'd like Roar to push over configuration data for

Below we'll walk through the steps and how you can do a controlled test to see how Roar configurations push over into ConnectWise.

Step 1: Turn on the Global On/Off Switch

Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise > Configurations

Check the box "Enable Configuration Auto-Updating"

Checking this box will NOT create any configurations in your PSA

You will first need to complete Steps 2 and 3 in order to land Roar's configurations in ConnectWise

Step 2: Select the Systems

Once you check the box to enable Configuration Auto-Updating, the toggles under the column "Configuration Auto-Updating" in the table below will light up.

Toggle on the systems that you'd like Roar to create and auto-update configurations for.

Interested in controlled testing?

Toggle on the Configuration Auto-Updating for only one Roar Configuration Type to start your controlled test. Next, continue to Step 3 and toggle on Configuration Auto-Updating for only one Roar Environment.

Step 3: Select the Companies

Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise > Map Companies

On the "Map Companies" tab, you will now have the ability to toggle on "Configuration Auto-Updating." Turn this toggle on for any of the companies you'd like Roar to create automated configurations for.

Testing the Integration

After you've completed steps 1-3, it's time to test the integration!

If you've already set up your Roar inspectors...

The configuration data for the systems and companies you turned on will land in ConnectWise Manage in the next 24 hours by default. You can also ad-hoc run inspectors in Roar, and Roar's ConnectWise Configurations should land within minutes.

Video isn't playing? Click here.

If you haven't set up any inspectors yet...

You'll need to setup an inspector to see how the data pushes over! Install any Roar inspector. Make sure this inspector is a system in an environment that you've already turned on the Configuration Auto-updating for.

Turn on ConnectWise Configuration Auto-Updating

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