Send Tickets to ConnectWise

Learn how to send Liongard Actionable Alerts as tickets into your ConnectWise Manage PSA

Once you've set up Liongard's ConnectWise integration and imported and mapped your ConnectWise companies, you're ready to enable ConnectWise ticket creation.

Step 1: Enable ConnectWise Service Ticket Generation

Go to Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise > Ticketing > Service Tickets and select the checkbox next to Enable ConnectWise Service Ticket Creation in order to allow for Liongard's ticketing integration.

Step 2: Map Liongard to a ConnectWise Service Board

You can send tickets to multiple existing ConnectWise Service Boards, or you may choose to create a Liongard-specific Service Board to be the catch-all for tickets coming from Liongard.

If you would like to create a Liongard-specific Service Board in ConnectWise, please follow the steps below:

  • Create your Liongard-specific Service Board in ConnectWise
    • There must be a default Status, Team Member and Default Team assigned to the Board.
    • Confirm that the Liongard User has access: The Liongard user must have rights to access and create tickets within whichever Service Board was selected.


Liongard API Member

You must ensure that the Liongard API Member is able to read and create tickets to the Service Boards that you have mapped.

If a new board in ConnectWise does not show up in Liongard, in ConnectWise navigate to Setup Tables > Service Board List > {Your API Member} > Member Access and ensure that your API Member account has access to the board.

  • In Liongard, select a Default Service Board, API Member, and optionally, a Ticket Source and Comment Destination for Liongard. Initial ticket comments will always post to Internal Notes in ConnectWise. Using the Comment Destination drop down will allow you to choose where additional comments will be posted.
  • Generate a Test Ticket. Log in to your ConnectWise instance to view the ticket.
  • In Step 3, you will map the appropriate Liongard status to the ConnectWise status for that board. You will have to do this for all Service Boards you would like to send tickets to.

Step 3: Map Ticket Statuses between Liongard and ConnectWise

You can map ConnectWise Manage Statuses and Priorities associated with the Board to the matching Statuses and Priorities in Liongard.


Statuses for Different Service Board

For every board you want to have Liongard send tickets, ensure you have mapped Statuses for that board.

A green checkmark will appear next to each board whose Statuses have been mapped in Liongard.

Once Statuses are set, Service Board Statuses will auto-save.

You should have ConnectWise statuses for the following Liongard statuses:

  • New
  • Re-Opened
  • Closed - Complete
    • Tickets set to this status will trigger a validation.
  • Silenced
    • This is the status Liongard will use if an Actionable Alert is silenced

Note: Liongard's "Closed-Complete" status will trigger a revalidation and possible reopening of the ticket, or if another Status is mapped to Closed within ConnectWise Manage, it will also trigger a self-heal attempt (revalidation) and possible reopening.

You should also see ConnectWise Priorities for the following Liongard Task priorities:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low


ConnectWise Callbacks

Callbacks are the notification back to Liongard from ConnectWise that a ticket that Liongard created has been updated.

Liongard gets callbacks from all Service Boards that are set up in Liongard. This ensures that tickets stay linked to Liongard no matter where they get sent or moved.


Moving Tickets Between Service Boards

If a ticket is moved from a board that has a status mapped in Liongard, to a board that does not have a status mapped in Liongard, ConnectWise callbacks for that ticket will no longer function.

To ensure continuity, we recommend mapping statuses for any board that Liongard tickets may land on.

To set up which alerts you want sent as tickets, click here.

Additional PSA Statuses

Any status in your PSA can be mapped in Liongard. Clicking the Select Additional PSA Status button on the ticketing page will allow you to select the status you would like to map.

Prior to an inspection processing, Liongard will retrieve the latest status for each Liongard-created ConnectWise ticket and will update the matching Actionable Alert status in Liongard. This functionality could be used in place of ConnectWise callbacks. if desired, but can also run in conjunction and it won't adversely affect callbacks.

For this sync to work properly, each ticket status must be mapped on the Admin > Integrations screen using the Select Additional PSA Status pulldown.

Once mapped, you can remove the mapping by selecting the trash icon.