Integrate Liongard to your Autotask PSA


Our Autotask integration allows you to:

  • Import your Autotask Accounts to create Liongard Environments
  • Create tickets in your Service Board(s) through Actionable Alerts

Steps for Rolling out Liongard's Autotask Integration


Liongard Academy: Integrate Autotask and Liongard Course

In addition to our setup documentation, take our Integrate Autotask and Liongard course guided walkthrough in Liongard Academy.

  1. Create an API account in Autotask for Liongard to use.
  2. Set up Liongard to integrate with Autotask using your API account.
  3. Import and map/link your Autotask Accounts to Liongard Environments.
  4. Enable the ticketing integration to Autotask.