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Liongard Academy is a resource center to help Service Providers leverage Liongard for maximum impact to standardize, secure, scale, and manage modern IT with confidence.

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Liongard Administrator Certification

Getting certified means you are serious about leveling up your MSP game and managing your customers at scale in a sophisticated, efficient way using Liongard.

This certification will show you how to leverage Liongard’s automation and unified visibility to standardize your processes, secure your customers’ systems, and scale your MSP. Want to lead the pack? Get certified today!


Liongard Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sign up/log in to Liongard Academy?

You can sign up and log in to Liongard Academy at

Can I use my Liongard credentials for Liongard Academy?

All learners must have a unique login for Liongard Academy. At this time, SSO is not enabled between Liongard and Liongard Academy.

How long does it take a learner to complete their Liongard Administrator Certification Coursework?

It takes learners on average three to four hours to complete all coursework and the Liongard Administrator Certification Assessment.

How can I add my Liongard Certifications to my LinkedIn profile?

  1. Access your certificate in your Transcript within Liongard Academy.
  2. Log in to your LinkedIn Profile.
  3. Scroll down to Add Licenses & Certifications.
  4. Enter in the Name of your certification. For example, “Liongard Administrator Certification.”
  5. Enter Liongard as the Issuing Organization.
  6. Enter the Issue and Expiration date found on your certificate.
  7. Enter your Certification Number (ie: LGDb2wbg53a3w_) found on your certificate as your Credential ID.
  8. Add the link to your certificate in the Credential URL.
  9. Select Save.

Review LinkedIn’s documentation for more details.


Where can I provide feedback on Liongard Academy?

Throughout your coursework you will be prompted to provide feedback, please let us know any comments, questions, or concerns. Additionally, use this survey to provide your thoughts.

Can I track my team's progress in completing their Liongard Academy coursework?

If you are interested in getting reports on your teammates' progress in Liongard Academy, please contact your Account Manager.