Team Training


Below are resources to support you and your team in getting the most out of Liongard.

We suggest ALL Liongard users sign up for Liongard Academy, Liongard's resource center, and complete the Introduction to Liongard course. This course will provide a basic understanding of Liongard, what it does, how we do it, and the basic navigation of the platform.

AFTER this course is completed, we recommend the additional coursework below per user role.

Technical Liongard Users

  • Complete our Troubleshooting Customer Issues course to learn how to use Change Detections and Liongard's Timeline to troubleshoot customer issues.
  • Complete our Liongard Administrator Certification Learning Path to learn how to leverage Liongard’s automation and unified visibility to standardize your processes, secure your customers’ systems, and scale your MSP
  • Then, complete our How to Write a Metric Learning Path to unlock Liongard's data, Change Detections, Actionable Alerts, and Reports. By the end of this learning path, you will have a basic understanding of Metrics and how to write JMESPath queries to get to the data you care about faster.

Account Managers and Billing/Accounting Professionals

Security Professionals

Leadership Professionals