Updating Liongard Default Dashboards in BrightGauge

As of October 2020, Liongard updated its BrightGauge default dashboards.

To update Liongard's default dashboards in your BrightGauge platform, follow the following steps.

Recommended Method: Clone Existing Dashboards

  1. Select your existing dashboard template inside of BrightGauge.
  2. Choose More from the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select Clone Dashboard and give the new dashboard a new unique name.
  4. Delete the original dashboard.
  5. Open a ticket with BrightGauge support, and they will be able to sync the latest default Liongard dashboards in your BrightGauge account.

Alternate Method: Remove and Re-add Liongard as a Datasource

Remove and re-add Liongard as a datasource within your BrightGauge account.


Deleting Custom Gauges

Using this method will delete any custom gauges created using the Liongard Datasource.

Only use this method if you do not have any custom gauges using Liongard Datasources.