This document provides the steps required to configure the Dropbox Inspector.


Quick Details

Recommended Agent: On-Demand
Supported Agents: On-Demand or Self-Hosted
Is Auto-Discovered By: N/A
Can Auto-Discover: N/A
Parent/Child Type Inspector: No
Inspection via: API
Data Summary: Here


API Access

The Dropbox Inspector requires you to have a "Dropbox for Teams" account. Either a Standard or Advanced level will suffice.

Inspector Setup Preparation

Step 1" Create an App Integration

1, Log in to the Dropbox Console

  1. Navigate to https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps
  2. Click on the Create app button.
  1. Under Choose an API select Scoped Access
  1. Under Choose the type of access you need select Full Dropbox.
  2. Under Name Your App enter an appropriate application name such as "Liongard," and select Create app.
  1. On the Permissions tab, select each permission entry for Read access, along with sessions.list and team_data.member.
  2. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save changes.
  3. Under the Settings tab, scroll down to the OAuth 2 section. Set the token expiration to "No expiration," and under the Generated access token field, click the Generate button.
  1. Copy the generated access token.

Liongard Inspector Setup

In Liongard, navigate to Admin > Inspectors > Preview (Beta) > Navigate to the Dropbox Inspector > Select Add System.

Fill in the following information:

  • Environment: Select the Environment this System should be associated to
  • Friendly Name: Suggested "Dropbox [Environment Name]"
  • Agent: Select On-Demand Agent or select your Self-Hosted Agent
  • Inspector Version: Latest
  • Access Token: The access token you generated above
  • Scheduling: The Inspector will default to run once a day at the time the Inspector is set up. Here you can adjust the schedule

Select Save. The Inspector will now be triggered to run within the minute.

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