Agent Auto-updating


As of version 2.0.2, the Liongard Agent can auto-update itself. Installing Agent 2.0.2 or newer, and checking the auto-update box during installation, will create a scheduled task on the server that will be set to check for a new version of the Liongard Agent at 12:00 AM daily.


If a newer version of the Agent is found, the server will download and update the Agent accordingly without any user interaction necessary, provided that the service account used for the Agent installation has administrative rights to the local machine.

If the service account does not have the necessary rights to complete the installation, the scheduled task will report a failed status.

Agent Name Change

Starting with version 2.0.2, the Liongard Agent MSI package was renamed to "LiongardAgent-lts" as part of our new brand messaging.

Deployment scripts using the old naming conventions (RoarAgent.msi, ROARURL, ROARACCESSKEY, etc.) will still work if necessary, but we do recommend updating the scripts when possible to ensure consistency across the platform.

New installations using the MSI will change the Windows service name to "Liongard Agent." Upgrading an existing installation will leave the service name as "Roar Agent."

Deployment Options


Reboot Message

When deploying via MSI, you may get a message saying that a reboot is necessary. That message can be safely ignored, and the installation should complete successfully after clicking OK.

To upgrade an existing Agent, follow the instructions found here.

To install an Agent for the first time, follow the instructions found here.