Upgrade a Liongard Agent

Agent Version

Agent End of Life

Liongard will stop supporting Agents older than 3.0.2 on April 30th, 2022. Please update your Agents before this date to ensure that your Inspectors continue to function properly.


Liongard Agent Upgrade January 2022

The latest version of the On-Premises and Self-Hosted Agent is Version 3.2.1.

For information on Agent auto-updating, please see this document.


Updating A/V and Security Exceptions

Please note that Agents version 2.x.x or higher have an installation path of:
\program files (x86)\liongardinc\liongardagent\

Agents 1.x.x have an installation path of:
\program files (x86)\liongardinc\roaragent\

If you have created exceptions in your security software, you may need to update them depending on if you do an in-place upgrade or an uninstall > reinstall upgrade.

To upgrade a Liongard Agent, please follow the steps outlined below.

Verify Liongard Agent Version

To determine a Liongard Agent's version:

  • Log in to Liongard and navigate to Admin > Agents
  • Sort Agents by the Version column

Upgrade Liongard Agents

Upgrade Agent via MSI Installer

  1. In your Liongard Instance, navigate Admin > Agents
  2. Hover over the "Download Agent Installer" button in the top right corner > Click Windows
  3. Copy the MSI link or download the MSI installer
  4. Run the installer on each server the Liongard Agent needs to be upgraded
  • Note: You will not need to provide any parameters. Click Install, and the installer will run and upgrade the Agent.

Upgrade Agent via RMM

To upgrade your Agent(s) via RMM, complete the following steps:

  1. Write a script that downloads the Agent from: https://agents.static.liongard.com/LiongardAgent-lts.msi
  2. Run the command below from the same directory where you downloaded the new MSI installer
msiexec.exe /i "LiongardAgent-lts.msi" /q

Datto RMM Script

An updated Datto RMM script is available in the ComStore.

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