Track Important Numbers for Billing Review

Discover how your team can isolate specific data from Liongard to use for billing review.

There are several ways that Liongard can be used to reconcile your billing.

Billing Review with Reports

Using our Reports feature, Liongard users can easily build reports, and report templates, to reconcile billing for individual customers, or even all customers at once. For example, Liongard has a default Microsoft 365 Licensing Summary Report template to help you get started. Do know Reports can be set to run on a schedule making monthly billing review even more streamlined.


Visit our Reports documentation for more information.

Billing Review Reporting using the Single Environment Dashboard

Once Metrics have been toggled on to display, users can navigate to a Single Environment Dashboard for their client to build a billing review report.

Navigate to Dashboard > Environments tab > Click into an Environment > Click into the Metrics tab


Here, a user can select the Metrics they wish to use to create a billing review report that can easily be exported and shared. Additionally, users can historically compare these Metric outputs to other dates, all in one report.

Billing review is a powerful tool, and it is only one example of how you can leverage Liongard's reporting capabilities. To learn more, please review our Reports documentation.

ConnectWise Billing Review

For our ConnectWise partners, there is a feature in Liongard known as Billing Review. This screen can be especially helpful for Account Managers or Non-Technical users on your team as they can compare Agreement outputs with Liongard's automated documentation.

To access Billing Review, navigate to an Environment's Single Environment Dashboard and click into the Billing Review tab.


Here, any Agreements for mapped ConnectWise Environments will display.

Using the Configuration Metric column, users can then, select a Metric to compare the Billed Quantity output.

To establish this comparison, in the Configuration Metric column, select the System and Metric for which you would like to link the Agreement. For Timeline, you can either select the Latest (auto) result to display, or you can use a historical timeline to compare the Agreement output.

Then, select the Create Link Button under the Liongard side of the Billing Review feature. When selected, this will save the linkage between that Metric and the Agreement. If you do not Create Link, then if you reload your Billing Review screen or click away, all of the fields on the Liongard side of the Billing Review Feature will be reset.

This process can then be repeated for any Agreements you would like to compare to a Metric value across your clients.