This document provides the steps required to configure the 3CX Inspector.


Quick Details

Recommended Agent: Self-Managed
Supported Agents: On-Demand and Self-Managed
Is Auto-Discovered By: N/A
Can Auto-Discover: N/A
Parent/Child Type Inspector: No
Inspected via: API
Data Summary: Here


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3CX Inspector Version Support

Liongard's 3CX Inspector does not currently support V20 3CX systems. We look forward to supporting V20 in the near future and will update this page accordingly.

Inspector Description

The 3CX Inspector returns data for 3CX instances. This data includes:

  • Phones and Extensions
  • Security Events
  • Maximum SIM calls/Trunk
  • Maximum SIM calls/License
  • Recordings Database Usage & Alerts
  • Billing and Licensing

Inspector Setup Preparation

You will need the URL for your 3CX instance. Your 3CX URL must resolve to a 3CX host with a valid, globally trusted TLS/SSL certificate. Using self-signed certificates can result in failed inspections.


Certification Check

Using a third-party certificate check tool such as www.sslshopper.com/ssl-check.html can help identify when a certificate is missing. If the certificate is not trusted, partners may need to install an intermediate/chain certificate or link the URL to a trusted root certificate.

Liongard Inspector Setup

Individual Inspector Setup

In Liongard, navigate to Admin > Inspectors > Inspector Types > Navigate to the 3CX Inspector > Select Add System.

Fill in the following information:

  • Environment: Select the Environment this System Inspector should be associated with

  • Friendly Name: Suggested "3CX [Environment Name]"

  • Agent: Select the On-premises Agent installed for this Environment

  • Inspector Version: Latest

  • Instance URL: Your 3CX Instance URL (ex: "https://3cx.example.com")

    • Note: You must include the "HTTPS" prefix in your URL. Do not include a trailing forward-slash as this will break the Inspector. Also, if your 3CX instance is hosted on-premises, then you will need to add the port number to the end of the URL. 5001 is the default port. Example: https://example.3cx.com:5001
  • Username: 3CX Admin Account (Default: "Admin")

  • Password: 3CX Admin Account Password

  • Scheduling: The Inspector will default to run once a day at the time the Inspector is set up. Here you can adjust the schedule.

Select Save. The Inspector will now be triggered to run within the minute.

Roll out Inspectors at Mass via CSV Import

For more information, please visit our documentation.

To import 3CX Inspectors via CSV Import, navigate to Admin > Inspectors > 3CX > Select the down arrow icon in the top right-hand to Download CSV Import Template.

In the CSV Template, each row, starting on row three, will represent an Inspector. Fill in the following information for each Inspector you want to roll out:

  • Agent.Name: This column is case sensitive. Copy and paste the associated Agent name from the Admin > Agents screen
  • Inspector.Name: Enter "3cx-inspector"
  • Environment.Name: This column is case sensitive. Copy and paste the associated Environment name from the Dashboard screen
  • Alias: Enter the Desired Friendly Name
  • Config.USERNAME: Enter the username for the 3CX platform account
  • SecureConfig.PASSWORD: Enter the password for the 3CX platform account
  • Config.INSTANCE_URL: Enter the instance URL for the 3CX platform
  • FreqType: Enter "days"
  • FreqInterval: Enter "1"

When ready to Import the CSV Template of Inspectors, navigate to Admin > Inspectors > 3CX > Select the up arrow icon in the top right-hand to Import CSV > Select your saved template.

After the successful import notification, reload your browser to find your imported Inspectors.

These Inspectors will automatically trigger themselves to run within a minute.

Optional: Turn on Flexible Asset/Configuration Auto-Updating

If you would like this Inspector's data to be sent to ConnectWise and/or IT Glue, turn on Flexible Assets/Configurations for this Inspector:

  • ConnectWise: Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise > Configuration Types > Confirm the "Configuration Auto-Updating" toggle is enabled
  • IT Glue: Admin > Integrations > IT Glue > Flexible Assets > Confirm the "Flexible Asset Auto-Updating" toggle is enabled

3CX Quick Tips/FAQs

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