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Below are different resources to support you and your team on how to use and take advantage of Liongard:

Before diving into the specific resources above, below is an overview of Liongard and its capabilities.

Liongard Overview

Liongard is an Automation Platform.

Liongard focuses on Three Pillars:

  1. Automated Documentation
  2. Actionable Alerts
  3. Reporting & Metrics

We like to say, "Where the RMM stops, Liongard begins."

Liongard documents your Cloud Systems, Network Systems, Apps & Services, and Endpoints every day. Liongard can then automatically push that documentation into other systems that you're already using, like your PSA (ticketing system) and/or your Documentation Tool.

Liongard's documentation is very deep, and we don't stop there! Our Actionable Alerts feature feature allows you to be alerted on issues proactively, and our Reporting feature allows you to show your customers that you've improved the service you are providing them through Automated Documentation.

Through Liongard, you are gaining deep visibility into your clients' systems!

Add Your Team to Liongard

You can either add your team members manually or bulk import your team via CSV.

Explore Liongard Academy

The fastest way to get new team members up-to-speed on all things Liongard is through our resource center, Liongard Academy, and our available coursework.

What is Liongard?: An Introduction

"What is Liongard?: An Introduction" is a short course (approximately 20 minutes) designed to give brand new Liongard users an overview of the platform and its features. The coursework will help new employees get quickly up to speed with Liongard.

Become a Liongard Certified Professional

Earning a Liongard Certified Professional (LCP) certification isn’t just about getting a sweet-looking badge to post on LinkedIn – although, that’s a nice perk. Getting certified means you are serious about leveling up your MSP game and managing your customers at scale in a sophisticated, efficient way using Liongard. Explore the course today!

This certification will show you how to leverage Liongard’s automation and unified visibility to standardize your processes, secure your customers’ systems, and scale your MSP. Want to lead the pack? Get certified today!

Scheduling an All-Team Training Session

Email [email protected] to request a company training webinar for your team. Prior to this session, our team will meet with you understand your unique situation with tools and staff. Together, we'll design a customized training session for your team.

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