Use Cases

Liongard automates system documentation which gives your team access to accurate, up-to-date information on your customer Environment, across. the stack

Use Cases for Liongard

Liongard's inspectors can pull deep configuration and status data across the systems and Environments you manage. Learn how to access this data in Liongard, ConnectWise, and IT Glue.

Want to know about expiring assets or increased malware activity? Using Liongard’s actionable alerts, you can set rules for the things you want to flag. We’ll connect with your PSA to deliver alerts for your team to take action.

Onboarding new customers is a breeze using Liongard. Use this step-by-step guide to reduce the time it takes to bring on a new client.

Liongard's inspectors run every 24 hours by default and save this data as snapshots on a timeline. Your team can go back in time to see configuration and status details from a specific day in the past.

With Liongard's Metrics feature, your team can now isolate the numbers you care about tracking. Use them for billing review, QBRs, or Account Manager check-ins.

Liongard can give your team deep visibility into potential customers networks. Learn how to use the data from a few key Liongard inspectors and walk in prepared to your first meeting.

Download a PDF to share with your customers on how your team is harnessing Liongard's automation.

Liongard can help support your customers that are working remotely. Here are some of the ways that we can assist.

Liongard can help you easily generate a technical review for your QBR needs.

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