Automated Documentation

Here's how to access our automated documentation in Liongard, ConnectWise, and IT Glue.

Avoid Escalation with Automated Documentation

When a Help Desk Technician doesn’t have accurate and reliable visibility into Environments, tickets get escalated to the next level.

Liongard surfaces deep configuration data and eliminates the need to remote into systems or escalate issues.

Once you set up your Platform Integrations and roll out Liongard's System Inspectors, your team can access rich data in Liongard as well as in ConnectWise and/or IT Glue.

Data in Liongard


Data in ConnectWIse


Data in IT Glue


Automated Documentation in Action

The following stories were shared by our partner base.

  • "MSPs have the best intentions to update documentation, but it has to be automated in order to be accurate, timely, and trustworthy [and] to be used by our team to resolve issues. The security and best practice assessments help us better protect our customers and offer a service above and beyond other providers.” - Steve Pearce, CTO, ERGOS

  • “I digest Liongard data in IT Glue. I manage the Liongard Flexible Assets in Liongard. And sometimes for documentation, I’d rather look in Liongard than IT Glue. For example, to review which users are active in Active Directory.” - Bret Sager, Business Development Engineer, JK Consulting

  • "Automated Documentation is exciting for us. A big challenge is keeping things up to date, you have a lot of different people, they document differently, and it’s all over the place in ConnectWise. Currently, our techs still have to log into the vendor system to ensure the data they see in ConnectWise is up to date and accurate. It’s great to have something like Liongard that’s live and standardizes the information input, so our techs don’t have to dig.” - Ryan Miller, Continuous Improvement Engineer (CIE) Manager, SUCCESS Computer Consulting

  • “Onboarding and fresh documentation with Liongard is quick. Once you set it up the first time, you can rely on your data and documentation being up to date.” - Josh Weiss, CEO, LA Creative Technologies