Liongard Smart Start Journey

Welcome to Liongard: Get excited! Automation is coming your way!

Smart Start Onboarding Options

There are three different options for Liongard Smart Start Onboarding:

  • Smart Start Lite: Two 1:1 personalized sessions
  • Smart Start Standard: Four 1:1 personalized sessions
  • Smart Start Concierge: Six personalized 1:1 sessions

Welcome Aboard Email

Welcome to Liongard! You should receive an email from [email protected]. Use the link in that email to set up a payment method. Entering your billing details will get your Liongard instance quickly provisioned. If needed, contact your Account Manager for support.

After you've entered your billing details, you'll receive an email with your credentials from [email protected]. Check your spam!

Partner Success Kick Off Form

After provisioning your account, you will receive a welcome email with directions to complete the SmartStart Form and schedule your first meeting with our Success Engineer. Upon completion of this form, you will be be provided your Success Engineer’s name as well as resources to begin implementing Liongard.

Set up Account Details & Liongard Login

Log in to your Liongard instance to prepare for your Smart Start Sessions.



As a best practice, we recommend setting up your Liongard instance using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for ALL users.

Set up Single Sign-on (Optional)

Liongard supports Single Sign-On via SAML 2.0. Setup documentation can be found here.

We’ll see you in your Smart Start Sessions!

Set up your Integrations

Prior to your first session, we suggest setting up your PSA and/or Documentation Tool integration(s). This includes:

  • Creating an API Key​ to connect Liongard to systems you may be using
  • Integrating with your PSA​ and/or Documentation Tool, if applicable
  • Setting up configuration auto-updating​

For support, check out the relevant course in Liongard Academy or review our Platform Integrations Documentation.

In your personalized sessions you will cover:

  • Review integration setup
  • Deploy and understand ​On-Premises Agents via the MSI Installer
  • Deploy and understand Self-Hosted and Endpoint Agents
  • Deploy & activate Liongard Inspectors
  • Review Automated Documentation and Change Detections
  • Set up and explore Actionable Alerts
  • Leverage Reports & Metrics
  • Liongard Academy and Continuing Education

Join our Liongard Lounge Slack Group

As a Liongard partner, you're invited to join our community on Slack!

Slack is a messaging app that allows you to interact with our partners and team. Drop your questions in the #onboarding channel to chat with our team. Join our Slack community now!

You can also join the Liongard Lounge in your instance under the Support dropdown.

Keep Roaring!

Earn your Liongard Administrator Certification at Liongard Academy.

Join our Continuing Education Sessions to get the most value from Liongard! Sign up HERE!

Stay Updated!

Catch us in our Monthly Feature Update Webinar each month. Register HERE!