Release Notes Through 2023-06-08


Change Detection History Extension and Filter Improvements

Change Detection history on the Single Environment Dashboard is increasing from 90 days to 18 months. This will give partners access to more historical Change Detection data. Additionally, a filter component has been added to the Changes tile on the Single Environment Dashboard so that users can filter the Change Detection list based on date range.

With this update, partners can use Change Detections to help provide supporting evidence that changes are, in fact, being monitored and produce an export of up 1000 records of changes that match a specific time range for auditing or when doing quarterly business reviews.

Microsoft Cloud Inspector GDAP Updates

To enable Liongard’s Microsoft Cloud Inspectors to continue working with Microsoft’s GDAP changes, all Liongard Partners need to appropriately configure GDAP relationships and re-authenticate their Parent Inspectors. Review the requirements here.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where specific metric outputs were not being properly evaluated for rules if the evaluation operator was an "=" or "!=".
  • Fixed issue encountered with the Microsoft 365 Discovery process in the case of an existing Child Inspector that ran on a previous old configuration version
  • Corrected an issue that caused some Identity Monitoring inspectors to fail with a 504 error
  • Added clear error messages when emails from Liongard fail to send from the platform to a user
  • Fixed an issue where Inspector Type column was not included in the export of the Admin Inspectors table
  • Fixed issue with filtering when a table is expanded to full screen view
  • JSON-formatted metric values are expanded to show the full value when exporting Reports to PDF
  • Corrected an issue where a Global System Integrator wasn't able to view unmapped discovered Inspectors
  • Resolved an issue with our between date filter option on the Roar table
  • Fixed an issue where comments about what changed were not being added to alerts
  • Fixed an issue that caused our API to display a 500 error when silencing an alert
  • Fixed a couple of issues with exporting Change Detections from the Single Environment Dashboard page. These changes will make Excel documents easier to view and setting limits to how much text we try and fit into a cell
  • Fixed an issue where the time selection on our "between" date filter on roar tables was not being respected.
  • Updated the change detection card on the single environment dashboard page to allow for filtering by date range
  • Updated our payload processor to prevent duplicate integration tickets from being created and increase performance
  • Fixed a bug that prevented editing templates when only one email was selected
  • Added 3 new metrics to the top of the Single Environment Dashboard cards similar to our new Agent and Inspector dashboard pages
  • Fixed an issue where email counts were not accurate when editing an alert template

Inspector, Agents, and API Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Addigy: Fixed timeouts introduced by an SDK driven update to the Inspector
  • Azure: Restored the "Secrets" configuration page field for the Azure Inspector
  • Azure AD: Resolved the issue where inspectors failed when Intune toggle was disabled
  • Duo:
    • Resolved an issue wherein an incorrect entry point resulted in timeouts
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in a blank dataprint.
    • Resolved "bad requests" resolved as a result of Inspector refactor
  • Cisco Umbrella: Fixed issue where the authorization header was being constructed incorrectly
  • Cisco iOS: Fixed a parsing issue in the VLAN data
  • GoDaddy: Resolved an issue causing some GoDaddy Inspectors to fail upon inspection
  • Identity Monitoring: Added new queue mechanism with longer timeout periods
  • JumpCloud:
    • Fixed Issue where Child Inspectors were brining back parent data
    • Pagination issues for some endpoints that caused the number of items returned to be capped at 100 has been resolved
  • Liongard API: Fixed an issue that caused some launchpoint configurations to be cleared upon update if not explicitly included in the request body
  • Microsoft Cloud:
    • Removed the automatic 3 second timeout condition for Microsoft Cloud Graph API endpoint calls
    • Corrected display of the login Window for MS child inspector setup screens
    • Removed restrictive transform for Graph API endpoint responses
    • Fixed the behavior of the Multi-Tenant toggle for all Microsoft Cloud Inspectors. The UI now accurately displays the status of the toggle option
    • Update error message for to reflect GDAP related text when certain errors are encountered
    • Microsoft 365: Fixed the issue where Single-Tenant Microsoft Cloud Inspectors where not completing due to incorrect permission scopes
  • N-Able RMM: Resolved an issue causing Inspectors to fail due to an error during an inspection
  • N-Able Backup: Resolved an issue with the Inspector failed due to malformed header values
  • N-Central: Updated the Inspector to now handle new output format from the N-central API
  • Slack: Fixed issue where a new version of the inspector with an updated SDK was timing out
  • Sophos XG:
    • Change Sophos XG inspector to no longer fail when Sophos API returns bad responses for User or SiteToSiteClient endpoints
    • Fixed an issue that caused DHCPServer data-print object to not populate the DHCP data-view table
  • Synology: Resolved an issue causing the Synology Inspector to fail in specific circumstances
  • Veeam: Inspector no longer fails when calling fileShares url for versions that do not have that endpoint
  • Veeam Availability Console:
    • Fixed an issue calling the /token endpoint
  • Watchman Monitoring: Fixed new timeouts introduced after a new version was released with an updated SDK
  • Windows:
    • Added the ability to clear out the FQDN value in its configuration when running as a local inspection. This allows the platform to correctly report the Inspector as local inspection instead of remote
    • Added new column in Admin > Inspectors > Windows Server that shows if the inspector is running as a remote inspection

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