Release Notes Through 2023-05-04


Improved Windows Server Inspector Discovery

Liongard has improved the way the platform recognizes existing remote Windows Server Inspections. Now, newly installed Endpoint Agents on Windows Servers will automatically attach to existing Remote Inspectors, or will create a new Inspector ready to be discovered.

This update is part of an ongoing effort to increase the reliability of the Windows Server Inspector. In the future, if you would like to take advantage of the latest versions of the Windows Server Inspector, Liongard will require that you have a local Agent installed on the specific server.

For more information about deploying and managing Liongard Agents, please visit our documentation.

GDAP Updates on Hold

To prioritize the best possible Partner experience, we are delaying the GDAP release originally slated for Thursday May 4.

In the mean time, if you are currently using DAP or GDAP, ensure you have Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP) relationships correctly configured in your Microsoft Partner Portal (this includes having a “Global Administrator” role with each customer in your Microsoft Partner Portal).

To minimize any potential down time once the update is live, please carefully review the steps outlined on our Docs Site for specifics on permissions and GDAP relationships required.

We appreciate your understanding and will provide more information soon.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • ThreatLocker has added the Liongard Agent installation files to their whitelist so that our mutual Partners don’t have our install files blocked by their application
  • Fixed an issue preventing Environment Admins from upgrading an Environment to Core from Essentials
  • Fixed issue where the Discovers column in the Admin > Inspector > Inspector type table wasn't exporting properly
  • Fixed issue where a success message was being shown incorrectly when adding a Sophos SG Inspector
  • Improvements to Inspection processes to reduce Inspections being stuck in a Running status or Failed due to timeouts
  • Fixed issue where Inspector Type column was not included in the export of the Admin Inspectors table
  • Corrected metric query for the "Office 365: Group Members" Metric. This Metric now successfully brings back members and display names
  • Fixed an issue where metrics selected in the Single Environment Dashboard would not be displayed to all users
  • Improved the "version compare" Roarpath command to ensure version numbers are being correctly parsed
  • Fixed an issue where Report and Report Template logos would not load temporarily
  • Fixed an issue where "Environment Readers" and "Environment Administrators" Groups for a specific Environment are missing when importing the Environment from Liongard integrations
  • Fixed an issue where deselecting All Environments in Report and Report Template builder would cause a page crash
  • Updated Group descriptions to better represent what each Group is used for
  • Change Detections can now be exported for a given Environment with up to a maximum of 1000 rows at a time
  • Fixed an issue where the firewall expiration date and serial numbers were not being properly updated in the ConnectWise configurations
  • Resolved an issue where the Fortinet serial number was being populated in another system's IT Glue Flexible Asset
  • Updated the Change Detection output so it only shows the actual change captured by its associated Metric

Inspector, Agents, and API Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue wherein an Agent that was previously Single-Environment and then updated to Global would not appear in the Agent selection drop-down list on the Launchpoint creation form
  • Added the ability for newly installed Windows Server Agents to be paired with their existing remote Launchpoints
  • The Agent Management page now correctly refreshes when changes are made
  • Fixed an issue causing timeouts with the Network Discovery Inspector when using SNMP
  • Resolve some timeout issues with the Network Discovery Inspector
  • Updated the naming of N-Able and N-Central lnspector credentials to match vendor language. Additionally, error messaging for expired N-Able and N-Central inspector credentials have been updated for accuracy
  • Updated IT Glue Inspector Data Print to return "ContactCounts" instead of "ContactList"
  • Removed the FLEXIBLEASSETTYPENAME field from IT Glue Inspector
  • Set limit of 10,000 rows for any one Auvik endpoint to improve memory resource allocation

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