Liongard Academy Manager Access FAQ

What is Liongard Academy Manager Access?

Manager access in our Liongard Academy gives users administrative capabilities to manage their team members effectively. With manager access, users can:

  • Add and remove team members
  • Assign courses and learning paths to specific users
  • Monitor and report on the progress of their team members through detailed analytics and reports

This ensures that managers can efficiently oversee their team's learning and development and that everyone stays on track with their training goals.

Who Can Request Manager Access?

Current Liongard partners can request manager access. Manager access is best suited for team leaders, IT managers, and operations managers, but it is not limited to those roles.

Are Their Criteria to Qualify for Manager Access?

Yes. To ensure manager access is being utilized effectively, the following criteria are used to qualify users requesting manager access:

  • Must be a current Liongard partner.
  • Must have five or more teammates in Liongard Academy.
  • Must remain active in Liongard Academy. Active is defined by sign-in within the last 30 days.
  • Must commit to managing their teammates' access, including creating and removing users, resetting passwords and 2FA, and course enrollment.

Liongard will perform periodic audits of Academy Managers and reserves the right to remove manager access to those not meeting the above criteria.

How Do I Request Manager Access?

You can request manager access by emailing [email protected] or by requesting through your Account Manager.