Set up Liongard Single Sign-on (SSO) with Azure Active Directory


This document outlines the steps required to configure Azure Active Directory as a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider for Liongard.

For more information, please review Microsoft's Documentation.


NameID Attribute for Authentication

Liongard uses the NameID attribute for authentication.

This means that Usernames in your SSO platform must match the Usernames in Liongard exactly in order for SSO to function properly.

Set up Liongard Single Sign-on (SSO) with Azure Active Directory

  1. Log in to

  2. Select Azure Active Directory

  1. Select Enterprise Applications from left-hand menu
  1. Select New Application on the main toolbar
  1. Select Create your own Application
  1. Give the application a name ("Liongard SSO" is recommended) and select Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery)
  1. Return to Enterprise Applications and refresh the browser if the new application does not show up

  2. Select the new application

  1. Select Single Sign-on in the the left-hand menu
  1. Select SAML
  1. On Basic SAML Configuration select Edit.
  1. Leave your Azure AD window open, and in a separate browser, log in to Liongard.

  2. In Liongard, tn the top right-hand corner, click your Account Name > Company Settings.Then, select SSO Setup on the left-hand side.

  1. In the Azure Portal, complete the following fields in the Basic SAML Configuration using the settings from Liongard's SSO Setup page.
  • Identifier (Entity ID) = Liongard Entity ID
    • Check the Default checkbox
  • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) = Liongard ACS (Consumer) URL
    • Check the Default checkbox
  • Sign on URL = Liongard Service Provider Login URL
  • Logout Url = Liongard Single Log Out URL
  1. In the Azure Portal, copy the App Federation Metadata URL and paste it into the Liongard SSO settings under Metadata URL. Click Get Metadata.
  1. In the Azure Portal, select Users and groups in the left-hand menu. Then, select Add user/group in the main toolbar
  1. Add any users or groups that should have Liongard Single Sign-On capabilities. Liongard recommends adding at least one Global Administrator in the Exclude Users list during the setup and testing of SSO.

  2. Select Save.

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