Creating a Shortcut URL For Your Liongard Instance


Can I setup a custom URL for my Liongard instance so that I don't have to remember something like


While we only support fully branded URLs on our Dedicated instances of Liongard, you can setup a redirect under your own domain name to make it easier to quickly navigate to your SaaS Liongard instance.


Am I on "SaaS" or "dedicated"?

If your Liongard URL is something like, then you are on a dedicated instance of Liongard. This is typically only very large Liongard instances.

If your Liongard URL is regionalized (e.g., then you are on a SaaS instance.

  1. Identify the hostname of your Liongard SaaS instance, either from the invite emails that you originally recieved or from a previously visited or bookmarked link to Liongard.
  • For example,
  1. Setup a CNAME record in your public DNS that returns that Liongard instance hostname.
  • For example, under the public DNS for, create a record called liongard that returns the value
  1. Test the change by navigating to that new address, from a web browser. You should be redirected to the appropriate Liongard URL.