Release Notes Through 2021-10-06


Liongard Agent Version

There have been many significant updates to the Liongard Agent. To take advantage, make sure your On-Premises and Self-Hosted Agents are on the latest version (3.0.2 or newer).

For more information, please review our documentation.

Inspector Updates

SQL Server Inspector No Longer an Enhanced Inspector

The Microsoft SQL Server Inspector is no longer considered an "Enhanced" Inspector.

Partners can now roll out unlimited SQL Server Inspectors without incurring additional charges from Liongard. For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

ConnectWise Automate Inspector in Preview

  • The ConnectWise Automate Inspector is in Preview. This is the initial inspector version.
  • The Overview Data View table, Computers Data View table, Network Devices Data View table, and Data Print are available

Vade Inspector in Preview

  • The Vade Inspector is in Preview. This is the initial inspector version.
  • The Overview Data View table, Licenses Data View table, Options Data View Table, Events Data View table, and Data Print are available

Platform Updates

Microsoft Teams Integration in Production

The Microsoft Teams Integration allows notifications for Liongard Actionable Alerts to be sent to integrated Microsoft Teams channels.

For information on setting up this integration, see our Microsoft Teams Integration documentation.

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Syncro Integration Updates

  • When integrating Syncro for the first time, a Syncro Parent Inspector will now be automatically activated. Auto-discovered Syncro Child Inspectors will still need to be activated by the user.
  • A System Inspector has been automatically deployed for partners who had previously set up the Syncro Integration

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

Platform Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Added a Universally-Unique ID (UUID) to both Liongard and partner-created Metrics to enable the creation of new endpoints to pull Metric data more easily
  • An Associated Agents column has been added to the Admin > Environments screen to indicate which Environments have an On-Premises Agent assigned to them
  • Resolved an issue causing the Agent heartbeat to check-in every 10 seconds instead of every 3 minutes
  • Corrected an issue where specific ad-blocker browser extensions were causing certain pages to crash
  • Resolved an issue causing the Email Integration to be set to "null"
  • Corrected an issue where an Email Integration erroneously set to "null" would cause errors when creating or editing Actionable Alert Templates
  • Updated the error messaging for several integrations to include an error description instead of just an error code
  • Addressed an issue allowing multiple Liongard Environments to be mapped to the same company/customer in Autotask, ServiceNow, and Kaseya integrations
  • Corrected a User interface issue causing button text to extend outside of the button area when clicked
  • Improved error messages when using CSV files to import Liongard users

Feature Updates and Bug Fixes

Actionable Alerts

  • Corrected an issue where, in some cases, silencing an Actionable Alert would fail to present the modal for selecting a ticket status in the PSA
  • Updated Roarbot comments with appropriate verbiage. Actionable Alerts will now accurately be called "Alerts" instead of "Tasks."
  • Corrected an issue where Actionable Alert comments failed to push to ConnectWise
  • An error message is now presented when a Metric in the Comments field of a new Actionable Alert cannot be found
  • Resolved an issue preventing some Actionable Alert rules from saving


  • Corrected an issue where changes to an Inspector's Friendly Name were not being updated correctly when generating reports from templates
  • Corrected an issue where users were not able to open the Schedule Report modal

Inspector Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where scheduling of inspections was taking longer than expected to complete
  • Azure Active Directory: Added support for older Inspector bundles when using the On-Demand Agent
  • Cloudflare: Corrected an issue where Cloudflare health checks were returning a 403 error during the inspection run
  • Internet Domain/DNS: Replaced placeholder values in subdomain objects with actual values for hostname and response time
  • Kaseya BMS: A System Inspector has been automatically deployed for partners who had previously set up a Kaseya BMS Integration
  • Kaseya VSA: Added support for Personal Token Authentication
  • Microsoft Inspectors: Updated the Inspector template field to read "Azure Application (Client) Secret Value" to match changes made by Microsoft
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Resolved an issue causing some Inspectors to fail
  • Roar: Updated the Inspector to allow for trimming the inspection if payload size issues are present
  • Solarwinds N-Central: Disabled TLS verification for all calls and added checks for axios errors
  • SonicWall: Corrected an issue where certain commands would spike device CPU usage
  • Sophos XG: Updated the Inspector to support firmware v18
  • Veeam SPC: Added pagination to Veeam SPC calls to ensure a complete inspection
  • Veeam SPC: Added friendlier conversions to the Data Print for byte and date formatting
  • WatchGuard: Corrected an issue causing the Inspector to crash when trying a last-chance authorization method

Liongard Academy

Liongard Academy, our learning and resource center, and our Liongard Certified Professional (LCP) Certification are live!

Our LCP certification program is the quickest way to learn how to leverage Liongard to the fullest. Not only will you get a sweet new certificate to show off on LinkedIn, but it will also validate your automation expertise as a Liongard Expert!

We have also recently added a new course and learning path as well! Check out "Introduction to Liongard" and "How to Write a Metric Learning Path" today!

Sign up today: Liongard Academy.

As always, feel free to share any feedback or questions in the Liongard Lounge, our Slack community, in the #liongard-academy channel!

Liongard Library

Liongard now has a community library, the Liongard Library, where Liongard users can share custom Metrics with other partners. You can access the Liongard Library in the Support drop-down menu in Liongard.

Check out the Liongard Library today!