Release Notes Through 2021-08-04


Exciting Agent Updates are Coming!

In the coming months, lots of exciting Agent updates are headed your way. To take advantage, make sure your On-Premises and Self-Hosted Agents are on the latest version (2.0.3 or newer).

For more information, please review our documentation.

Liongard Academy

Liongard Academy, our learning and resource center, and our Liongard Certified Professional (LCP) Certification are live!

Our LCP certification program is the quickest way to learn how to leverage Liongard to the fullest. Not only will you get a sweet new certificate to show off on LinkedIn, but it will also validate your automation expertise as a Liongard Expert!

We have also recently added a new course and learning path as well! Check out "Introduction to Liongard" and "How to Write a Metric Learning Path" today!

Sign up today: Liongard Academy.

As always, feel free to share any feedback or questions in the Liongard Lounge, our Slack community, in the #liongard-academy channel!

Platform Updates

Liongard Library

Liongard now has a community library, the Liongard Library, where Liongard users can share custom Metrics with other partners. You can access the Liongard Library in the Support drop-down menu in Liongard.

Check out the Liongard Library today!


Lifecycle Insights Integration

Liongard now has an integration with Lifecycle Insights. For information, please review Lifecycle Insight's Documentation.

RMM Inspectors Recategorized

Liongard has recategorized all RMM Inspectors in-app from "Endpoints" to "Apps and Services."


Admin > Inspector Column Updates

The "Agent Type" column on the Admin > Inspectors screen has been renamed to "Recommended Agent." Additionally, you can now add the column "Supported Agents" in the column selector.


Integration Reset Modal

Integration pages that require configuration now have a modal at the top of the page to reset the Integration back to its default (empty) state.


Feature Updates

Email Integration Enhancements

  • Partners can now select HTML Based or Plain Text format for emails. The format can be selected by navigating to Admin > Integrations > Email > Email Format.
  • When "HTML Based" is selected, in email alerts, detected changes will appear in green and red, similar to how changes display when viewing Liongard Actionable Alerts in Liongard.
  • If an administrator attempts to delete an email on the Admin > Integration > Email screen that is used as a destination for an Actionable Alert Template, Liongard will now notify the administrator, and a confirmation box will appear before the administrator is able to remove the email.

Inspector Updates

Domotz Inspector in Production

  • The Domotz Inspector is now in Production
  • Improved the Inspector's inspection capabilities
  • IT Glue Flexible Asset and ConnectWise Configuration mappings are now available for the Inspector
  • Finalized the Overview, Statistics, Devices, and Data Print Data View tabs
  • Added Metrics and Actionable Alert rules to the library

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

Platform Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Updated the "Instance" field example text for the Kaseya Integration to reduce confusion
  • Corrected an issue with the Kaseya Integration causing the Tenant and Instance fields to disappear after a successful integration setup
  • Liongard will no longer attempt to update statuses for tickets in ConnectWise when Actionable Alerts in Liongard are changed to a status that is not mapped
  • Corrected an issue where slow or unavailable ConnectWise instances would cause the Liongard Managed Agent to time out indefinitely
  • Corrected an issue where a specific Metric was causing the "Edit Report" page to crash
  • Corrected an issue where, in certain cases, bulk closing Actionable Alerts would lead to an incorrect alert count on the main Dashboard
  • Typing a character within the Frequency selector dropdown of the Inspector Scheduling window no longer launches an error screen
  • Adjusted the color scheme for the Data Print when using dark mode to improve visibility
  • Updated the Onboarding Checklist
  • Updated the Liongard logo with our updated design

Inspector Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue for the Active Directory Inspector causing Group Policy Objects with linked OUs to be marked as "Detached"
  • Fixed an issue for the Active Directory Inspector when it failed to correctly handle DHCP scope exclusions
  • Removed Cisco Umbrella Investigate, MySQL, and SECPOD Inspectors from Labs
  • Resolved an issue causing the Cisco IOS Inspector to fail to pull the Running and Startup configuration of a targeted switch
  • Added a new header for the API requests made to the Cisco Meraki API per new Cisco requirements
  • Corrected an issue causing the Cisco Umbrella Inspector to not return data when using the On-Demand Agent
  • Updated a broken hyperlink for the Cisco Umbrella Inspector in the Status Detail message
  • Resolved an issue for the Continuum Inspector causing it to fail if an unexpected value was received in an Agent details report
  • Corrected an issue causing Datto RMM Inspectors to fail with an error of "Cannot set properly hostname_r of null"
  • Corrected an issue for the Duo Inspector causing it to fail if certain endpoints received a 401 error response
  • Updated a hyperlink in the error log of our Microsoft 365 Inspector
  • Updated product SKU name list for Microsoft 365 Licenses
  • Corrected an issue causing Microsoft Teams Inspectors to fail for tenants with archived teams
  • Updated the Network Discovery Inspector to reduce overhead and overall runtime to reduce CPU utilization on Agent hosts
  • Updated the SonicWall Inspector to correctly report commands that time out
  • Added new show route commands to the SonicWall Inspector based on firmware version
  • Updated the Sophos Central Inspector to use logger.debug instead of the deprecated logger.verbose command
  • Added logging to the VMware ESXi Inspector to help determine why the Inspector fails to parse the output of "esxcli_storage_filesystem_list"
  • Added Webroot agent status information (Endpoint Status GSM) for each endpoint to the Webroot Inspector
  • Added the ability to dynamically include site information for Webroot Child Inspectors
  • Updated the Windows Inspector to ensure data can be parsed
  • Corrected an issue for the Windows Inspector where failed WMI queries would result in a failed inspection

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