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Release Notes Through 2020-01-13


Major News: Metric Comparison Dates

Users can now compare Metrics from two different dates allowing you to compare values easier and faster!

Platform News

Metric Comparison Dates

We've now added the ability to compare Metrics from two different dates in your Single Environment Dashboard. This allows the user to compare values easier.

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Actionable Alert Example Template

We've added a new default Actionable Alert Template called "Example Template" to get our users more familiar with our Actionable Alert Templates.

If you are a returning partner, you can activate the Template by applying it to Environments by navigating to Admin > Actionable Alerts.

If you are a new user, this Template will be auto-activated and set to Liongard Only. For more information, please review our Actionable Alerts documentation.

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Datto RMM Script Live

We now have a Datto RMM script to mass roll-out On-Premise Agents. Thanks, Stuart!

API 2.0 Improvements

We've added additional improvements to our backend and UI. As a result, there should be fewer hangs when transitioning between screens, and tables will load even faster!

Inspector Updates

G Suite Inspector is now in Production

  • Data can now be pushed to IT Glue and ConnectWise.
  • Google G Suite Documentation

WatchGuard Inspector is now in Production

Auvik Inspector is now in Production

  • Data can now be pushed to IT Glue and ConnectWise.
  • Auvik Documentation

Cisco Meraki

  • Firmware version added to Network and Devices Data View
  • Added Management Interface information to Data Print, Data Views, and IT Glue mapping

Active Directory

  • Group Policies are now correctly marked as detached or not. Prior, all Group Policies were incorrectly marked as detached

Internet Domain/DNS

  • Minor fix for a few incorrect values for some created/updated/expiration dates

Windows Inspector

  • Added Change Detection for "Installed Software Changes"

Inspector Read-Only Fields

When you create an Inspector you can now populate the Read-Only fields. Once created, the Read-Only fields become locked and can no longer be edited.

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

  • Key-value tables are easier to read
  • Actionable Alert Template creation and Edit views now load as intended
  • MFA tokens are no longer rejected after initial setup
  • MSI Agent name validation check has been fixed
  • User Permission Groups now appear as intended for each user
  • Various buttons have been added and removed to improve the user experience
  • The BrightGauge Docs link has been fixed (Thanks BrightGauge!)
  • Minor fix to incorrect data for Hyper-V Processor count
  • Minor fix to wording in alert messages for VMware ESXi datastore free space alerts
  • Improved stability of Office 365 Inspector to gracefully handle scenarios where users are synchronized from On-Premise Active Directory

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Release Notes Through 2020-01-13

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