Liongard Smart Start FAQs

  • I don't have an on-premises Active Directory controller in some of my environments. Can I still use Liongard?

Certainly! If your Active Directory instance is hosted in a data center, or if you are using Azure Active Directory or JumpCloud, you can still deploy Inspectors that will return all the pertinent data on those systems. As long as there is a persistent VPN into your hosted environment, the Active Directory inspector will work and should not have a noticeable impact on network performance, even in low bandwidth setups.

  • I manage some environments that are serverless. Is there any need to use Liongard for these customers?

Of course! Because we provide you with a On-Demand Agent agent that works with any cloud-based inspection, there are usually multiple Inspectors that can be deployed in this scenario.

A few examples of Inspectors that can be deployed in server-less environments are Cisco Umbrella, Identity Monitoring, Internet Domain/DNS, Microsoft 365, many A/V solutions, and many other Inspectors as well. For a full list of our System Inspectors, visit our System Inspector Summary document.

Clicking into the documentation for any specific System Inspector will tell you if it can be run from our On-Demand Agent.

If you need to inspect systems that require an On-Premises Agent (such as a firewall or switch) but there is no server to do so, you can deploy a Self-Hosted Agent in your datacenter to facilitate these inspections. See our Agents Overview documentation for more information.

  • Do I have to create a domain admin service account for every customer?

That depends on the specific needs of the environment. If you need to do any inspections using our On-Premises Agent, you will need to have a domain admin service account. This will ensure that the On-Premises Agent will successfully run and be able to complete any remote system inspections that you attempt.

If all of your System Inspectors for an environment can be deployed using the On-Demand Agent, there is no need for a domain admin service account.

  • Why do you need domain admin privileges?

Most inspection jobs require some form of authentication to the target system. For inspection jobs that authenticate via Active Directory directly - inspectors like Active Directory, Windows Server, and SQL Server - our best practice is to run the On-premises Liongard Agent service itself as an Active Directory (or Windows) user from which it will derive its rights on the network.

Making this account a Domain Administrator will ensure that these complete successfully. We are however working on documenting least-privileged permissions for each individual inspector. For more information visit our Agent Service Permissions document.

  • What are your security practices?

Liongard's product architecture has been built from the ground-up with security measures in mind.

For more information on Liongard's security practices, please review our Trust Center. If you have specific questions, please reach out to our team using the chat below.

  • What are Endpoint Inspectors?

Endpoint Inspectors, Linux, Windows, and Windows Workstation , provide deep details on endpoint systems.

Liongard provides partners with 10 Endpoint Inspectors per Environment. If you have a customer that needs more than 10 Endpoint Inspectors, reach out to your Liongard Account Manager.

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