Bulk Add Users via CSV

How to add the rest of your team as users in Liongard.

Importing Users

Ready to introduce Liongard to the rest of your team? Here's how to bulk add users.

  1. Navigate to the Admin > Users screen.

  2. You can either upload a completed CSV Template using the headers below, or you can download a CSV Template from the Download Import CSV Template Button, complete it, and save it.


Example Headers:


Note: You can add more Group columns by increasing the index. To add an additional Group to the example, you could add the column Groups[2].ID. To find Group ID numbers, navigate to Admin > Groups and add the Group ID column in the column selector if necessary.

  1. In the top-right of the screen, click on the up arrow button (Import CSV) and upload your completed CSV.

  2. Refresh the page to see your new users.