Environment Tiers


Legacy Environment Tiers

Beginning September 7th, 2023, Liongard no longer offers Essentials Environments for self-service deployment in new Liongard instances.

Customers already using Essentials are not impacted by this change. New customers are able to purchase Essentials via their Liongard account management team.

Environment Tiers

Liongard has two tiers for Environments, Liongard Core and Liongard Essentials.

Liongard Core EnvironmentsLiongard Essentials Environments
Inspectors60+ Inspectors

Unlimited active Inspectors/ Environment
5 Inspectors:
Internet Domain
Microsoft 365
Google Workspace
Identity Monitoring

10 active Inspectors/ Environment
Endpoint Inspectors5 per EnvironmentNo
Timeline & History (18 months)YesYes
Quick ViewsYesYes
Actionable AlertsYesYes

How to Change an Environment’s Tier


Moving from the Core to Essentials Tier

If there are Inspectors deployed in a Core Tier Environment that are not eligible for the Essentials Tier, those Inspectors will need to be disabled before converting the Environment to Essentials.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Environments
  2. Click into an Environment
  3. Select the desired Environment Tier

  1. A pop-up will appear and you will be prompted to confirm your selection.


Global Administrators and Environment Administrators can change an Environment's tier.


For all questions around Environment Tiers, please reach out to your Account Manager.