Distributing Inspections and Agents

This knowledge base article details what is the appropriate number of inspections to have a single agent handle and how to configure that in Liongard.

As a rule of thumb, a Windows agent can run a 1000 inspections a day. If you need to run more than 1000 inspections a day on a single agent, then you need to add a second agent to distribute the load to. Additionally if you want to run 1000 inspections but within a 12 hour period you should use 2 agents with the inspections evenly distributed between them.


Maximum Concurrency

The Windows agent can run 5 inspections at a time in parallel.


Inspection Runtime

The above is simply a rule of thumb, some inspections can take much longer so it is worth using the "Run Ad-Hoc" command on an inspection and watch how long it takes to complete to get a better idea of its exact runtime.