Troubleshooting BrightGauge Sync

Some partners may be experiencing a BrightGauge sync that has stopped working or is failing to sync upon setup.


  • BrightGauge sync has stopped working for existing partners
  • BrightGauge is failing to sync for new partners

To diagnose this issue, take a look at the Sync History in BrightGauge. Check to see if there is an error that looks like the one below:


Liongard Liongard Metrics failed to sync due to an unknown error: Value is too small


This can be resolved by logging into Liongard and disabling the metric “Active Directory: Maximum Password Age”.

  • To do this, navigate in Liongard to Admin > Metrics.
  • In the Name column, search for the Metric, “Active Directory: Maximum Password Age”.
  • In the Display column, turn off the toggle.


This issue is due to the manner in which Microsoft stores certain values for Active Directory. The value for “never” is stored as a negative number of significant magnitude, which the underlying sync library is unable to handle.