Release Notes Through 2023-11-09


Cyber Risk Dashboard Updates

Liongard has enhanced the Cyber Risk Dashboard to include even more valuable insights for essential cyber insurance-related configurations, including Email Security, Domain & Website Security, and Endpoint Server & Workstation information.

Liongard's Cyber Risk dashboard provides at-a-glance visibility to the essential cyber risk indicators for a client's environment, enabling you to ensure continued compliance with security frameworks and cyber insurance requirements.

To access the Cyber Risk Dashboard, navigate to an Environment's Single Environment Dashboard and select Cyber Risk Dashboard on the left-hand menu.

For more detailed information on this dashboard, please reference our documentation.

macOS Agent and Inspector Enhancements

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to Liongard's macOS Inspector, introducing new data points that empower your IT management with comprehensive insights.

With these new data points, you can get a holistic view of your macOS security with detailed information about third-party antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions. Our latest improvements provide a deeper understanding of your macOS environment, ensuring your systems are secure and compliant.

For a full, detailed list of all new data points, please visit our Endpoint System Inspector details page.

The macOS Inspector is currently in Beta, allowing you to explore its capabilities and provide feedback. During this beta period, usage of the macOS Inspector is free of charge. Please be aware that once the macOS Inspector progresses toward its Production release, it will be billed per unit according to your agreement with Liongard.

New Integration: Rewst

Rewst's Robotic Process Automation platform has built an integration with Liongard, allowing your team to perform specific repetitive or time-sensitive tasks on behalf of IT Service engineers.

Partners can trigger actions and responses using Rewst workflows (crates) based on Liongard metrics or simply use the automation to call any of Liongard's API endpoints to manage and maintain their instance. In addition, Rewst includes user, environment, and system/inspector CRUD functions.

Please visit Rewst's integration documentation for details on how to set up this integration.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with missing ConnectWise configurations, causing links in alerts not to be set
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Environment Administrators from assigning Inspectors to the Liongard On-Demand Agent
  • Improved the efficiency of our database queries when sending commands to self-managed agents for faster processing times
  • Corrected the metric queries for the “Windows Workstation: All Drives Encrypted” and “Windows Server: All Drives Encrypted” metrics.
  • Fixed the tooltip when creating a new Report

Inspector, Agents, and API Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Agents
    • Resolved an issue preventing partners from renaming an agent to use a deleted agent's name
  • Addigy
    • Resolved issue that caused inspectors to fail with the message "Error: Cannot find module '/inspector/lib/index.js'"
  • Cisco Umbrella
    • Corrected an issue that resulted in rediscovered child Inspectors
  • Datto
    • Fixed an issue that caused inspectors to fail with the error "Cannot create property 'uid_r' on string"
  • GoDaddy
    • Fixed an issue that was resulting in GoDaddy Inspector timeouts
  • macOS
    • Fixed an issue causing global agents to show as unconfigured
  • Windows Workstation
    • Fixed an issue in the Windows Workstation Inspector, preventing group members from coming back successfully
  • Windows Server
    • Resolved an issue that prevented the Windows Server inspector from completing if Server Roles could not be retrieved

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